Analysis of Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Today we are going to analyze the most supernatural strategy game, Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

This title is consolidated as a strategy game with a gothic and oppressive turn-based atmosphere that places us in a world where vampires dominate and rule over humans. What are you looking forward to playing?

During the game we will take control of a faction and we will have to incarnate different characters, advancing with our armies and crushing our enemies while we consume human souls to be able to continue with our supernatural conquest of the world

immortal realms

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars has three modes. The first is a tutorial, highly recommended because the game is somewhat complicated at first. We recommend you to do it to get used to it, since it is not an easy task

In the campaign mode, we will play different stories (from the Dracul to Nosferatu or Moroja), which we will have to unlock as we progress through the game. When you choose each of them, you will enter a map with a zenithal view through which you can navigate and that is divided by squares to advance, something similar to Total War. It is a turn-based game in which all the pieces move on a board and advance, so we must go recruiting members for our armies, divide them into smaller forces with different captains and go conquering territories. As the theme of the game is vampires, our army captains will be humans converted to our family and each of them will have special abilities. Also, certain areas of the map, such as dark forests or caves, allow you to recruit special forces such as acolytes, wolves or bats

Campaigns are divided into years and certain special and important map squares can only be used once every few years. The blacksmith will sell us weapon and armor upgrades for the captain of our armies (or vampire hero) once a year in exchange for drops of blood. And, of course, being a vampire is not only about fighting. The game has two important counters: on one side we have on the right a number that indicates the amount of movements and actions that our troops can perform, while on the other, at the top of the screen, we will see the harvested blood.

Human villages and towns must pay a "tribute" to the lord of the castle in the form of blood as we allow humans to continue living. The blood is used to buy items and recruit new soldiers, but also to use the cards... Yes, the cards! And those cards are the ones that will give us the advantage in combat or on the map itself. You have two types of cards that allow you to summon more soldiers, apply improvements to your army on the map or simply gain an advantage in some way. Each hero also gets cards when finishing a battle successfully or through bonus systems in the game.

immortal realms: vampire wars


Although it is an atypical game, it is really fun. A game that strategy game lovers will love. And although graphically it is not great, it fulfills perfectly and its aesthetics and story make us quickly hooked to this title. In short, a remarkable game that we recommend for all those gamers who like to give the brain and think and plan strategies.

The Best

- The game system is original

- The difficulty is very successful and manages to challenge the player to think of strategies to win

The Worst

- Graphically could be better

- The tutorial is mandatory to learn the control system

We have made this review thanks to a PC download code provided by Koch Media.

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