Analysis of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Today we bring you the review of a title a priori without any difficulty to play it. Think, how to make a video game of a character which is literally impossible to defeat? The guys from "Chunsoft" have succeeded and we tell you our impressions in the following lines. Get comfortable in your Akeron gaming chair as the great Saitama arrives at Newskill.

One Punch Man: A hero nobody knows

We are in front of a fight/action/RPG with all its virtues and goodness. The story of an invincible superhero is told from the side of the companions, thanks to a character editor we will be able to customize our own hero to our liking and be ourselves the protagonists of the game.

In our analysis of One Punch Man: A Hero nobody knows, we have immersed ourselves in a "free" world in which to complete a multitude of missions, both secondary and main giving rise to exploration and fun as we can basically talk to any character that we find in the game. Main missions, secondary missions, dialogues with a tone, as expected, quite funny, customization of our own hero and even friendships between other heroes of the game, curious the latter in a fighting game. We could not miss an online multiplayer, which does not stand out for differentiation but it is true that we have it being very normal (essential in this type of titles).

Visual combat but too linear

At the level of combat we find a very successful third person, free, fluid and colorful, but for our taste with a lack of movements and if it is true that it lacks some "spark" at the level of "gameplay" as such. However the game faithfully represents all the characters, and the animations of the same with fidelity to the series making the battle very entertaining for fans of the series.

A sound at the height of the title with honorable graphics

We enter an important area for many, and is that One punch man is simply limited to have a soundtrack from our point of view good, but not exceptional, various titles fill the title giving the sound it deserves, however we have to say that at the level of effects in fighting has pleased us enough making the fight even more entertaining and colorful as we mentioned above. In the graphic section we find totally faithful recreations to the series, something that we especially like, since when heroes of the same heroes come into action it seems that we are playing the series as such, a very positive point in the title.

Final Conclusions

To finish our analysis of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows we will conclude with the positive points and aspects to improve. It is clear that we are facing a game that will delight fans of manga and anime. A game that has managed to capture the humor and charisma of the characters to offer us a very entertaining and fun fighting game that is aware of its limitations but that will make us have a good time.

Positive points.

  • No doubt the charisma of the game and the main character Saitama to give that characteristic touch of humor
  • Fighting very well set graphically and in effects
  • Variety of characters *Open world with possibility of customization

Points to improve.

  • Main and secondary missions, but somewhat repetitive in certain aspects
  • A story somewhat more faithful to the series, where Saitama is more protagonist, but it is true that it is difficult in a game where the character is invincible.

This article has been made thanks to a PS4 code provided by Bandai Namco

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