Analysis of Petoons Party: this party is a win-win for everyone

With the arrival of summer comes the heat, the days at the pool and the nights playing video games. But also come the vacations for the little ones of the house. From Newskill we bring you the analysis of Petoons Party, a party game colorful and full of good vibes perfect to play with family or friends. What's better than a few mini-games in company with guaranteed piques? Sit on your gamer throne (near the fan) and discover with us the world that Petoons Party presents

Kira will make our lives impossible

In Petoons Party, the seven main characters (Yun, Lia, Fibo, Deli, Momo, Oklo and Laka) will have to face the villain of the game, Kira. She won't make things easy for us and will try to destroy us at any chance she gets. To finish with her we will have to collaborate with three more companions and give her what she deserves. She will be waiting for us at the end of each island to try to make us fail, but if we face her together and as a team we will obtain the victory

Mario Party as a role model

Petoons Party presents an anecdotal story to lead us to the most important and addictive part of this videogame: its gameplay. The similarities with Mario Party are obvious, but it is a good thing, because this formula has managed to unite families and friends in front of their screens (have you tried our gaming monitor Icarus?) during long summer afternoons. Our objective is simple: to reach the end of the board of squares by rolling the dice. In this first part we will be facing a competitive experience. Whoever reaches the end first will have more chances to accumulate points. Whoever gets the most points at the finish line wins

But not everything ends there, but Petoons Party incorporates a battle against the final boss (in this case Kira) in which we will move to a cooperative game experience, since between the four players we will have to defeat Kira in three different phases using bombs as a weapon. Our archenemy will hide at the top of a staircase structure full of traps and enemies and with the help of the other three Petoons we will have to defeat her.

As we complete the boards we will unlock the 4 costumes available per character, some as cool as Yun's wizard costume.

Don't rest on your laurels, there are points at stake

We will be able to accumulate points in Petoons Party by performing a series of actions along the board. Each time we participate in a mini-game we will get 5 points if we come in first place, three points if we come in second place, 2 points if we come in third place and 1 point if we come in last place. When it is our turn, we will roll a die and add as many points as we advance. There are yellow squares that give us an additional bonus of points if we fall on them (be careful, there are some that also subtract points). If in our roll we land on a green square we will roll the die again and advance. If, on the other hand, we land on a red square, we will roll the die again and go backwards. The orange colored squares are those of robbery. We will have the option of subtracting a point to add it to us to any of the other three characters playing the game. Finally, there are squares that will teleport us from one place to another on the board and others that will give us bonuses (marked with a star)

Now imagine all these rules and think how much fun it would be to play with your family or friends. The game is guaranteed to be fun. And even more taking into account that if two characters fall in the same square they face each other in a "rock, paper, scissors" to see who steals a point from whom and that if three characters fall in the same square they will have to choose between three chests (two of them will have nothing inside and another one will have a bonus)

Three game modes

In Petoons Party we will be able to play three different game modes:


The classic party game experience. Move around a board until you reach the goal and face the final enemy. We will be able to enjoy this game mode in four different boards with different themes. In Kimera Island we will visit an island set in a volcano, in Story Island an island with sand, in Snowfall Island a snowy island and in Moki Rocks a rocky island.


Succession of consecutive mini-games in which we will have to score as many points as possible. The final mini-game is a battle against Kira. The winner is the one who accumulates more points at the end of the game. We can play 4 cups: Oki Cup, Moki Cup, Super Cup and Mistery Cup.


We will be able to repeat the mini-games that we have played on the boards with total freedom. Petoons Party consists of 28 mini-games (7 for each island) and we will have access to 24 of those 28 as soon as we install the videogame. The other 4 mini-games correspond to the battles against Kira, and to be able to play them independently it will be necessary to have previously overcome them in the Board mode.

The mini-games are divided into 7 types:

- Stacking elements to form a tower

- Collect objects and place them in the marked area

- Mini-game similar to Guitar Hero or Just Dance (pressing buttons to the rhythm of the music)

- The game of the chair in 4 portions of a circle

- Collect coins with obstacles

- 4vs4 obstacle course fighting with bombs

You won't get the music out of your head

Petoons Party offers a cooperative experience with friends and family with a refreshing new twist. The melodies are simple but catchy and perfectly accompany a textbook party game like this video game. You will be surprised humming its songs with the little ones of the house and you can play with three more people, but it is also possible to play with two players, assigning the remaining characters to the CPU. However, we recommend playing Petoons Party with three other people, as the experience is much more fun.

The best part

- The mini-games: varied and entertaining

- Guaranteed fun for the whole family

- A perfect proposal for the youngest members of the family

The worst

- It lacks a greater number of mini-games and boards that extend the life of the title

We have analyzed this video game thanks to a PS4 code provided by Meridiem Games.

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