Analysis of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Today we bring you the review of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the definitive version of the fifth installment of one of the most famous fighting sagas in the video game industry. Get comfortable in your Valkyr gaming chair to enjoy a few rounds.

In the beginning

In 2016 Street Fighter V was released but it did not go as well as Capcom expected, it gave the feeling of being a somewhat rushed release, with a good gameplay but very little content, the initial roster was just 16 fighters, leaving out great favorites of the public, it had a too short story mode and very scarce single-player modes. Now the definitive edition worthy of this great fighting saga has arrived in our hands. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the Street Fighter that its fans deserve.

It is time to enjoy

The Champion Edition collects all the content that has been released on Street Fighter V and adds several new playable features. From the initial 16 fighters we have 40 available, almost all the classics that have been fighting for years plus some new faces. We will also have at our disposal several combat zones plus alternative costumes with their color variants. The customization and options to choose from right now are overwhelming adding characters with different fighting styles, costumes, color variations, settings or added accessories.

Unfortunately all these options do not have the same level of quality and we can find much flatter fighters and others with greater depth that are more loved by players by offering more fun and dynamic experiences. But in general, evaluating the pros and cons of what has been added, the feeling is very positive, since, although some characters have less detail or less depth when it comes to mastering them, it is appreciated to have all these options to choose from.

All the content

In the analysis of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition we have been able to verify that the new features do not only cover the aesthetic part of the players, in the Champion Edition have also been added balance adjustments of the entire squad, tweaks in health or damage parameters. In addition, a second V-Skill has been added for all fighters, improving moves and adding new ones. This addition, at a more competitive level, can be appreciated more than what a casual player would do, as it enhances the possibility of combos with the V-Trigger for example creating new combos and ways to kill the opponent.

As for game modes, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all that we had already seen in previous versions, the cinematic story, which tells the story of the game in a few hours, Arcade mode, the individual stories of each character that we mentioned before, practice mode, challenges and online modes with their qualifying or casual games. In the online mode is still pending the launch of the tournament mode that Capcom has already announced and should arrive soon.

To conclude

The conclusion of our analysis of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is what we said at the beginning of this review, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the game that fans of this saga deserved and we must appreciate that Capcom has bet on it, these four years, to make it what it is today instead of launching it to the market and forget to polish it and this aspect has had its response from the community as it still has a large base of online players.

Pro points

  • Large amount of online and offline content
  • Revised and improved gameplay to offer more depth
  • The gameplay is still fun and very dynamic
  • 4 years after its release Capcom continues to produce content

Points to improve

  • The extra content does not always maintain the same level
  • Needs to improve netcode and loading times

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