Analysis of Terminator Resistance Enhanced: the fate of mankind in your hands

who doesn't remember the Terminator movies? For many they represent an indelible memory of our childhood and for others they are audiovisual works that will be part of the history of cinema. Not for the quality of their story, but perhaps for proposing a science fiction dystopia and a look at a dangerous future controlled by technology. Today we come to analyze Terminator Resistance Enhanced, a review for Playstation 5 of the video game released in 2019. are you up for surviving with us?

The loneliness of Jacob Rivers

The adventure posed in Terminator Resistance Enhanced places us in the "War of the future", 30 years after the day of the final judgment. We will incarnate Jacob Rivers, a soldier belonging to the Resistance that fights against Skynet (a corporation formed by terminator robots). At the beginning of the adventure we will feel very lonely, since Jacob's platoon is annihilated and he is the only survivor of that resistance unit. And we do not know if the resistance as a whole

Throughout our journey we will be facing numerous enemies, but we will not be alone. A small organized group formed by a couple of brothers, a doctor, a soldier and a wise man will welcome us and will be our main starting group. The purpose of this group and Jacob's are not the same, since he only wants to join the resistance. However, they will accompany each other at the beginning of the adventure to join forces and company

Talking, hiding and shooting

In Terminator Resistance Enhanced we will have access to a kind of camp in which we will be fostering relationships with our companions and improving our equipment. Each line of dialogue counts and the answers we choose for each situation will determine the relationship we will have with that character throughout the story

The mechanics outside the camp change, as we will be assigned a series of objectives for each mission. If you think that Terminator Resistance Enhanced is a video game to shoot as if it were a Call of Duty or a more arcade FPS, you are wrong. In this game it will be essential to use stealth, as the difficulty is quite high (even if you play in Normal mode, as we did). If we decide to go out in the open, we will have everything to lose. The enemies are very tough and the ammunition/healing items are quite scarce. We must keep in mind that we are a single soldier facing hordes of robots armed to the teeth

Terminator Resistance Enhanced is not just another FPS. It has certain RPG components that will give a different touch to its gameplay. As we go fighting and overcoming missions we will level up and we will be able to activate improvements in a tree of skills with three branches. Weapons are also customizable through chips that modify their characteristics

Terminator Resistance Enhanced has a duration of between 10 and 15 hours, depending on the time you want to invest in the secondary missions that you will find during the main missions. It is not essential to complete them to advance in the adventure, but we do recommend you to complete the maximum number of them to be tanning your style of play and to be able to face the final part in the best possible way.

What's new in the Playstation 5 version?

was a review of a video game from the end of 2019 necessary? From Newskill we thought that maybe we didn't need it, but this improved version (apart from its graphical improvements) adds a new game mode. In the Infiltrator mode we will be able to play from the other point of view of the adventure. We will take the controls of a T-800 in an infiltration mission. We will pretend to be a normal human and our goal will be to infiltrate the base of the resistance annihilating anyone who moves

If we talk about the improvements in the graphics section, this version for Playstation 5 includes all the patches released on PC and we will have better framerate, 4k resolution and the usual very fast loading times of Sony's next-generation console. The use of Dualsense could perhaps have been squeezed more, although it makes good use of its vibration, as well as a color change in the Dualsense lighting that indicates the health of Jacob Rivers at that precise moment

Final Conclusions

Terminator Resistance Enhanced is a different shooter that proposes some mechanics of advancement to which we are not accustomed. If you are lucky enough to have gotten a Playstation 5, do not hesitate to give a chance to this survival and action adventure that returns with a facelift and additional content that will appeal to fans of the franchise, but also to all those who have never even heard of the name Terminator


  • New gameplay mechanics within the FPS genre
  • Our decisions in the dialogues count and affect our relationships
  • A new gameplay compared to the original in 2019

The worst

  • It does not squeeze everything we would like Dualsense

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Playstation 5 provided by Meridiem Games.

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