Analysis of the 2019 Formula 1: Flying over the asphalt

The Formula 1 circus returns much sooner than expected and with its most complete and perfected delivery. Codemaster recreates the feeling of speed, the tension of the classification, the interviews, in short, everything that surrounds the world of Formula 1 to a spectacular level of detail both on and off the track. In addition, this release includes F2, a multitude of classic cars and challenges. The light turns green for our analysis of Formula 1 2019.

Thanks to the bases that have settled in previous installments, the gameplay goes a step further by perfecting the driving experience being able to adapt to the level of demand you prefer thanks to the options to enable and disable aids. If you are one of those who prefer to enjoy the Formula 1 experience to the fullest, as we have done, through the steering wheel and our Byakko V2 support, get ready to know every circuit to the millimeter and not lose a second of attention.

If you are one of those who prefer a more relaxed simulation, you have at your disposal a wide range of driving aids, brake assists, automatic changes, dynamic line, reduced damage and so on. On this occasion the controller is equally useful as the steering wheel and we can enjoy without getting frustrated if we can not devote so many hours to perfect our driving.

The complete Career mode

This time the Career mode has added interesting new features, in addition to a story with more depth, a tutorial has been added as a previous season in the F2, the prelude to F1 that serves as a showcase for many drivers to earn a seat in the major leagues. We are put in race situations, such as having to let our teammate pass or a friction with another car and have to pit, to see how we get to finish and depending on the results we get in the 3-4 races that make up this first approach to the F2 we will receive more F1 offers from better teams.

F2 cars are not limited to aesthetic changes, driving them is different from Formula 1 cars. As they are less powerful than their big brothers and all the cars are the same, the drivers' hands are much more influential. That's where we must be crucial to gain seconds to the time. In addition, the rivalries that are presented to us with other drivers in this season are maintained when we move to F1, which gives that extra touch of immersion to the player, pitting you with your teammate or making it clear that you are the best in the interviews after each grand prix.

The structures of the grand prix are maintained. We will have the three free practice sessions, plus qualifying and, of course, the race. During the practice sessions we will be able to perform different tests to see which car configuration fits better with our driving style, which pit stop strategy is ideal or how we distribute the tires. All these things are optional and we will decide what we want to get involved.

The Career mode is a great gateway to gradually get to know all the aspects that includes this Formula 1 2019 as we are presenting it in a very intuitive way and prepares us for solo modes and participate in online mode and with some experience.

The classic single-player modes

The single-player modes are within the expected in this type of games, in addition to the classic Grand Prix in which we can choose the category that we like, F1, F2 or Classics, the team, the driver and even the weather conditions we also have available the Time Trials. The novelty in this section are the Championships in which we will face different challenges with various classic cars, F2 or the current season of F1

As for the online, returns more complete and care than ever, with weekly events as a Grand Prix or Leagues mode, being able to join competitions and go up positions in them to reach the most prestigious. We will also have a simple character editor where we can choose the design of the case or gloves and even our single-seater.

Graphic and visual power

As for the visual section, it once again stands out in an outstanding way. All models of cars, both classic and current are identical replicas of those we see competing and we find the same level of detail in the circuits also recreated to the millimeter. The sound section continues at the same level as the graphics, with the engines of the Formula 1 resonating around us, with our Kimera V2 headphones and surround sound 7.1, also includes all the texts and voices in Castilian.

To finish

In conclusion of our analysis of Formula 1 2019 we found it an outstanding game, very complete as a driving game and essential for lovers of Formula 1. Its career mode gives it a plus of depth and the pampering they are giving to the online, adding content every week will keep us glued to the asphalt for many hours.

Strong points

  • Adaptable gameplay to any type of player
  • Excellent graphics with excellent modeling of cars and circuits
  • The additions to the career mode

Points to improve

  • Driver face modeling
  • Character editor a bit limited

We have been able to make this review thanks to a copy given to us by Koch Media

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