Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Review: The Ultimate Battle against the Titans

From Newskill we bring you very good news for fans of the anime Attack on Titan (Attack on Titans in Spain) in particular and for lovers of action games in general. After a first installment in which we follow the events of the first two seasons of the series, with the arrival of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle we will be able to be part of the fight against the titans from the first to the third and final season. The fidelity to the original work will make anime fans can not stop playing this game. No need to equip your three-dimensional maneuvering equipment to hunt down your enemies. Take a seat in your favorite chair Newskill and do not miss any detail of our analysis of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle.

A story that won't leave anyone indifferent

The story of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle places us in a futuristic world in which the population has grouped around a fortress composed of different walls. The reason for this isolation is the constant siege of gigantic monsters called Titans. These Titans have no other objective than to destroy and murder anyone who stands in front of them. They could not be considered as very intelligent beings, since, depending on the type of Titan, they wander aimlessly and without a certain pattern

To defend the few survivors of this collapsed world, an army was created, divided into three branches (according to their specialization and objectives). The protagonists of the plot (such as Eren or Mikasa) are part of the training academy for new cadets and have not yet been assigned to a particular division. Just when they think they are safe inside the fortress walls, a giant titan (even more than usual) endangers everything they were fighting to build. The goal of this army will be to keep the titans away from the walls and ensure the safety of all citizens. The story is one of the highlights of our analysis of Attack on Titan: Final Battle and will please both fans and new users of this series.

In Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle we will live the events of the anime from our own perspective, since we will create our own character with our name and appearance through a complete editor. But we can also live the adventure from the point of view of our favorite character in a totally different way than we did in the previous installment of this series

Frenzied action in third person

We cannot continue our analysis of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle without talking about its gameplay. It is another of the virtues of this new release of the company Omega Force. Third-person action and certain RPG touches in the customization and evolution of our character manage to keep us glued to our screen (we recommend playing on our Icarus gaming monitor) for hours and hours. The development of the action is simple. Our goal is to defeat the Titans that appear on the stage. A series of conditions will be imposed on us, such as having to save a certain citizen from the siege of a group or having to clear a certain area, for example. Our performance during the battle will be graded according to our performance and will affect how the friendly AI plays. That is to say, if we play a good game we will be able to provoke our allies to fight with more "motivation"

To hunt down the Titans we will make use of our three-dimensional maneuvering equipment (a kind of backpack with harnesses that will serve us to move through the air and hold on to buildings to propel us and even hook and immobilize the Titans) and our blades, also incorporated in the equipment. The weak point of the Titans is their neck. So we will have to use all possible elements to propel us towards them and surround them until we dive on their neck with our blades. Depending on the enemy it will take us more or less time to eliminate him. Previously we can weaken them by attacking other vulnerable parts such as knees or elbows to temporarily immobilize them (as they regenerate over time). It will be essential to be prepared and visit the supply areas scattered at certain points of the stage to replenish gas (to operate our three-dimensional maneuvering equipment) and blades

The RPG touch of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is found inside the walls, in our base. There we can use the money and materials that we obtain in the expeditions to get new weapons and equipment and to improve what we already have. It is just as important to follow a correct strategy in battles as it is to have powerful equipment that allows us to weaken the Titans faster. Like any good RPG we will have a kind of skill tree on which to improve the performance of our character (strength, agility, equipment, etc.).

New game modes and other new features

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle includes all the content of Attack on Titan 2 (the previous installment, which narrated the first two seasons of the anime) and also includes new game modes and equipment that place us in the third season. If you have already played AOT 2, you will be able to transfer your save data to keep your progress

Two new game modes are included: territory recovery and character episode

Territory Recovery Mode

We will put ourselves in the shoes of aspiring commanders and set up our own team to safeguard the locations beyond the walls, our own emblem and the name of our squad. In a first phase we will have to recruit characters and improve our team. That is, we will have to prepare for the battle ahead. In the second phase we will dedicate ourselves to recover the territories with a gameplay similar to that of the story mode

Character episode mode

The same story through different eyes. If in the story mode we controlled a character created by ourselves, now we will adopt the role of our favorite anime characters. The starting point will be the same as in story mode, the point at which Eren and his companions have not yet been assigned to any division. We will not be able to choose which character to play with at any given moment, but we will control a wide cast of protagonists throughout different missions. In the episodes that take place outside the city walls, we will be able to choose the character we want

Apart from the new modes, new equipment is included. We will no longer have to fight necessarily with our traditional three-dimensional maneuvering equipment, but we can also do it with the 'Shooting Gear' (changing the swords for guns) or with the 'Thunder Spear' (being able to annihilate titans with a single blow thanks to its attack power).

Playing with friends in local and online multiplayer

The multiplayer mode of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle considerably lengthens the duration of the title, so between the five offline modes (Story, Other Mode, Infernal, Character Episode and Territory Recovery) and the following four multiplayer modes we will be facing a video game of incalculable duration.

The showdown mode is similar to an elimination mode of the usual shooters. Our opponent will have a team of Titans that we will have to subdue to achieve victory. In showdown mode, you must fight with other players for four minutes to get the highest score. The predator mode consists of accumulating points after controlling a Titan. And the last multiplayer game mode is called annihilation and consists of a 4vs4 team battle to see who gets the highest score for a given time (saving the distances and differences reminds us of Overwatch).

The music will transport us back to the anime

Another highlight of our analysis of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is the fidelity with which they have taken the melodies of the anime to the video game. We will relive all the events experienced by Eren and company thanks to a soundtrack (have you tried playing with your Kimera V2 gaming headset?) very otaku that will delight fans

On the other hand, the translation into Spanish is appreciated so that we can follow the amount of text present in the game, because if we do not master English, we will miss much of the story and game mechanics. The Japanese dubbing is very good and we recommend it for both Attack on Titan fans and new players of this series (of course, with Spanish subtitles :P)

The best thing about it

Faithful to the story told in the anime and immersive soundtrack

Variety of gameplay modes, both offline and online

The length of the title gives for hundreds of hours

Excellent Spanish translation and inclusion of Japanese voice acting

The worst thing

If you already played Attack on Titan 2 at the time and the new features are not enough for you

We have analyzed this game thanks to a copy of Nintendo Swith provided by Koch Media.

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