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Marvel's Avengers is not just another game, it is possibly the best superhero game ever released on a console. The title developed by Square-Enix in conjunction with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, allows us to control the most powerful group of superheroes on Earth, in an experience that combines a spectacular single-player campaign and an endless online cooperative mode that will delight fans. Let's go save the world!


The single-player campaign kicks off with catastrophic events that will put our heroes in check with the failure of the Avengers during A-Day. A-Day is like Avengers Day where people want to go meet their idols in a spectacular event staged as if they were movie stars. We control Kamala Khan, a girl fan of Marvel superheroes who wants to meet her idols and goes to the celebration. At the beginning, what looked like it was going to be a fun event where people could meet the superheroes, starts to change and turns into a battlefield. In this way, events make us start controlling Marvel's most famous heroes to save the world... once again.

But not everything goes as expected and our superheroes fail in their mission, leading the story to move forward in time 5 years and showing us a world where people hate the Avengers. In this situation, we begin to control again Kamala Khan who has developed powers by the events experienced during the A-Day.

During the adventure and not to make spoilers, Kamala will grow to become Ms Marvel and the game evolves as new heroes and mechanics are added, Kamala being the cornerstone of the story of this great adventure.

The campaign lasts approximately 10 hours and has a story that will please any fan. And although the adventure has some doses of stealth and exploration, we will really be most of the adventure controlling different heroes, mashing buttons and performing spectacular combos and attacks (each of the characters will be completely different in their control and skills).

Marvel's Avengers is structured as an MMO. During the campaign we are presented with two meeting areas, the SHIELD Helicarrier and The Anthill, where Hank Pym and the Inhumans take refuge. From either of these points we can access the war table; a holographic map where we are presented with the available missions. And here lies the true core of the game. Also the evolution of our characters, which is completely different from one to another in tree mode, as we can select which skills to improve. You're going to love it!

If we have mentioned that the campaign is over soon as it lasts about 10 hours, the online mode is infinite and has no end, which makes the duration of the game increases and we want to continue throwing hours to the title created by Square-Enix.

Technical and gameplay

In this section we have little to claim other than that it is impressive, both the design of our heroes, such as the design of enemies or scenarios. What do not have the faces of the film? Nothing happens either, they are still the heroes with which more than one of us have grown up and dreamed of

The scenarios are amazing, with explosions and lighting effects that will not leave you indifferent. And the fluidity of movement of the characters, as well as the enemies and how they are integrated with the scenarios are really well achieved. Undoubtedly, an outstanding section.

Soundtrack and dubbing

The soundtrack is what we expected, energetic, strong and that make us feel like one more avenger, as if we were inside the adventure

and the dubbing? The dubbing is very good... although it has some flaws and suddenly you can't hear voices or some sequence appears in English. Well, things that could have been avoided but it is still an impressive dubbing of great quality, so at this point we give it a high mark.

Final Conclusions

Marvel's Avengers is the game we were waiting for the superheroes who saved the world from Thanos. A spectacular super-production, which will delight fans and lovers of action games, with a good story and a very complete and fun online mode... And although it can get repetitive at some point, the game is a real technical and visual marvel and is really fun. An outstanding title that you will love and will give you many hours of fun, it's time to save the world, what are you waiting for?

The Best

  • The technical section is amazing and will leave you with your mouth open on more than one occasion.
  • The narration and the rhythm of the story? they look like a movie!
  • The skills of each hero are very well differentiated and achieved.

The Worst

  • The game can get repetitive
  • The length of the story mode... we want more!

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for PS4 provided by Bandai Namco.

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