Borderlands 3 review: the most frenetic shooter returns

The Borderlands saga returns to the forefront of the video game industry with its third installment. After more than seven years of waiting since the release of its second part, the Gearbox team (with the help of 2k Games) returns with a shooter full of action and humor in equal parts. It is difficult to reinvent oneself in such a classic genre as first-person shooters, but this saga knew how to do it (and still knows how to do it) with the inclusion of chests with rewards in each scenario. From Newskill we bring you the analysis of Borderlands 3. are you ready to run and shoot with us?

A story full of challenges, surprises and humor

The borderlands 3 history places us in a futuristic world, so make yourself comfortable in yourgaming chair because a great plot is coming. At the beginning of the game we will be able to select between four playable characters after a brief cinematic. You decide whether to embody Amara (mermaid with powers), Moze (gunner with mekka), Zane (gunman who can be cloned in two) or FL4K (robotic beast charmer). Our objective in this amusing narrative will be to find the Great Chamber, which houses a great booty. We will be part of a group of brave companions known as camera hunters and we will have to face a sectarian organization known as the Sons of Pandora. This group brings together the worst of every part of the planet and faithfully follow the word of the Calypso twins. Its components are characterized by wearing the characteristic masks with which Borderlands 3 is usually identified and show their bare torso

In our analysis of Borderlands 3 despite the absence of Jack the Handsome, the game still manages to convey that role of the great villain embodied by the Calypso twins and the fluidity of the plot does not suffer at any time. A couple of villains in which Tyreen stands out, being his brother a good shadow that covers him from possible damage. Gearbox has done a fantastic job creating the lore of these characters and defining their personality traits, even basing them on some of today's successful influencers

We will start our adventure (shooting left and right from the beginning) in the pandora's wilderness accompanied by Claptrap, a fun robot that will make us smile from the very first moments of the game. However, throughout Borderlands 3 we will travel numerous planets following our way to the Great Chamber

Run, shoot and above all... don't stop!

The key point to highlight in our analysis of Borderlands 3 is undoubtedly its gameplay. Gearbox has managed to revolutionize the shooter genre with the inclusion of certain RPG elements and character development in an adventure full of action and chests. The freneticism is present throughout the game. The borderlands 3's action is based on eliminating all enemies the game is designed to be played in the most efficient way possible within a kind of "closed" scenario that communicates with the next one with a door that we will open by defeating all the Sons of Pandora or by activating a mechanism. To achieve this goal we will have to act fast and not stand still at any time. With one button we shoot, with the joystick we run and with another we will slide across the stage if we are running, which will allow us to approach the opponents without being hit by any bullet. If we stand still, without covering ourselves in some element of the stage, we are lost, if they manage to eliminate us, we will have to start over. We have played Borderlands 3 with thearkadia controller for PS4 and we have been able to verify that the controls that Gearbox has defined feel like a glove to any player.

If you want to enjoy a good game in Borderlands 3 it will be necessary to have a good arsenal of armament, gearbox has managed to expand and improve the showcase of weapons that was already present in previous installments. The variety of weapons is one of the great differences of this work with respect to other proposals within the same genre. Each weapon will have two shooting modes, which we can change using the fire selector and that will allow us to change the type of ammunition, the damage we inflict or even the type of weapon

New features in missions and customization

One of the great joys for fans of Borderlands is the possibility of changing missions during a game the only way to do this is by pressing a directional arrow on the crosshead. In this way we will have a kind of "help" to locate all the existing missions around us and that the most completists do not miss anything

To move through the scenarios we will have a number of vehicles at our disposal that allow customization. We will feel like a handyman being able to steal vehicles, collect parts and make modifications to our transport being able to modify elements such as wheels, shield, weapons or colors.

Endgame content, future paid DLCs, and multiplayer

Finish Borderlands 3 (it will take between 30 and 60 hours depending on how much we are completists) is far from abandoning the game to its fate. The first paid DLC has already been announced and will be called 'Moxxi's Strike on Jackpot the Handsome'. In the future it is likely that paid DLCs will continue to arrive and offer quality content for the adventure

On the other hand, it will be possible to continue playing the videogame without having to pay a cashbox thanks to the new mode Proving Grounds. Throughout this mode we will find some chests full of an amazing loot and will be characterized by being based on short duration games in which we will have to face a whole series of random enemies that will arrive from wave to wave and will end with a big boss to beat. It reminds us of some proposals of other references of the shooter genre or even the zombie survival genre

For those who love challenges, it will be possible to select the Chaos Mode at the end of the game. It is characterized by a very high level of difficulty, as it reduces the quality of loot, increases the shield of the enemies and even reduces the damage received by the enemies

We do not want to end our review of Borderlands 3 without highlighting its multiplayer mode. From the beginning of the adventure it will be possible to play with three other people in any game mode (including the campaign). In the cooperative mode each one has its own booty, and in the competitive mode we will fight against our own teammates to see who gets the best arsenal. There is no compassion in this last game mode, if we enter the game of a friend who is at a much higher level than ours we will have to give up and continue practicing alone to be able to face him

An artistic and musical style of its own

Borderlands 3 does not disappoint graphically or sonically and remains at the same level and even manages to surpass its previous installment (something that was already complicated). The artistic section has that comic-style modeling that has always made us fall in love with this saga and the perfection in every detail of each character and each of their expressions is simply spectacular. There is a noticeable improvement in the size of the scenery and lighting applied to this release. But there is one element that stands out above the rest: color. Each stage has a palette of colors that makes it unique, as well as each character

The game's original soundtrack perfectly accompanies the action and immerses us in the deserted and abandoned world of Pandora from the very beginning of the action. In part the gunplay is so spectacular because music and sound effects take us by the hand and they don't let us not feel like just another camera hunter. We have played with thescylla gaming headset and we haven't missed a single detail. Gearbox and 2k Games have made a great effort for the magnificent Spanish dubbing, worthy of any series or high production film.

The best

  • A new installment of the most different first-person shooter on the market
  • Duration for months: being able to play alone or with friends extends the life of the title, along with a good endgame and future DLCs
  • The story will make you laugh your head off and you will fall in love with the artwork

The Worst

  • The campaign has sections of high difficulty if played solo

We conducted this review thanks to a physical PS4 copy of Borderlands 3 provided by 2K Games.

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