Dungeons III Complete Edition review: don't be the good guy in the story, the bad guy is cooler

Whether you're a console or PC gamer, you've surely heard about the Dungeons saga, as it has been with us since its first title in 2011, which originally focused on the goal of creating a dungeon ourselves as complicated as possible for both our companions in local and multiplayer play

Don't be the good guy in the story, the bad guy is cooler

Dungeons III is as its name suggests, the third edition of a saga that today is more than settled in the world of RTS or real-time strategy games. Originally released in 2017 and after several DLC (downloadable content) during these last 3 years, in 2020 we find ourselves with this edition, which brings us ALL the content that Dungeons III has to this day

The most complete edition, that's why it is called complete edition

This edition includes the original content of the game plus its 7 expansions (Once Upon a Time", "Evil of the Caribbean", "Lord of the Kings", "Clash of Gods", "An Unexpected DLC", "Famous Last Words" and ""A Multitude of Maps")

Which assures us more than 50 missions and more than 50 hours of gameplay, including story mode, cooperative mode, and online multiplayer mode. In addition, with its map generator system, you will never play the same game twice, you will always find a new challenge

The narrator is your best guide, or the best troll

If we can highlight another of the most attractive aspects of this game, it is the thread of the game, which is none other than the narrator. Completely in Spanish, we can find a sarcastic voice "in off", very suspicious and with references to the memes of pop culture and internet in recent years, such as the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Warcraft and a long etc..

All this added to a multitude of names of heroes, characters and places that you will want to sound mysteriously, I will not put examples, I'll let you discover for yourself.

A very nice visual style and simple mechanics

Although the game is set in being the bad guy, visually it is very "friendly", with rounded graphics and vivid colors, which does not tire the eye and in our opinion, makes all the tension of the battles somewhat easier to carry

Although this third installment of the saga does not include many new mechanics with respect to its predecessor, its style is simple and compact, something that can attract the attention of neophytes or those less experienced in RTS, and at the same time a negative point for the most "hardcore" gamers of this genre

Its interface is simple and easy to get used to, so in a couple of game sessions, you will be ready to enjoy 100% of this title

Very conclusive conclusion

Undoubtedly the main focus of this latest installment are the campaigns and story modes, both the main one and its expansions. All their stories and how they are told with irony and full of references make the whole game worthwhile

With all this, it is true that the "core" of this saga, which is the creation of dungeons is somewhat relegated in our opinion to the background in terms of news and improvements over previous Dungeons games

The best

  • Spanish voices and texts with an excellent quality
  • Mechanics and interface simple and easy to learn
  • Cooperative mode "of all life" that adds hours of gameplay
  • Story mode and the narrator of the game.

The Worst

  • Some sound effects overlap with the narrator's voice at a volume that can become annoying
  • Graphically, although simple and good-looking, we believe there is room for improvement in this aspect.

We have made this review thanks to a download code provided by Koch Media.

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