F1 2020 review: feel the speed like never before

If you like speed, you probably like Formula 1. Surely your mouth is watering with the return of Fernando Alonso, but until that happens we suggest you join us in our analysis of the driving game F1 2020 that brings us this year Codemasters. Are you ready to vibrate and leave your skin on each circuit?

The "great circus" returns to our screens

Although the million-dollar license has passed through many hands, no one can match the passion that Codemasters dedicates to each yearly release, which, oddly enough, manages to compete with the previous one and surpass everything seen to date.

The key to this F1 2020, as happens with real car racing, is knowing how to choose the right improvements. And this, Codemasters knows how to do it perfectly, as it has left present what already worked wonderfully in the 2019 edition and has incorporated new features that make a noticeable difference.

F1 2020 wants to make us experience Formula 1 in a fully comprehensive way. This will translate into unlimited entertainment in individual experiences, multiplayer options and, of course, a passion for motor racing that no motor lover will want to miss.

New features for all tastes

As a novelty this year we will have the opportunity to create the eleventh team of the grid, this will give us the opportunity to:

  • Make it grow from the most humble team on the grid to compete with Ferrari, Mercedes and Redbull.
  • Capture the attention of sponsors that will drive our project based on small achievements and exciting victories.
  • Take risky decisions, expand facilities and personnel and optimize our car piece by piece. - To measure ourselves against the real constructors of the 2020 season.

Another of the great qualities that Codemasters has achieved with this F1 is to cover a wide range of profiles, offering two very successful racing styles:

Standard racing style: commitment to the purest realism, offering enough options to calibrate how far we want to immerse ourselves in the simulation experience. This profile puts us in the driver's shoes, forcing us to know the circuits and memorize the best lines.

Casual competition style: it will more than meet our expectations as occasional players who are simply looking for a race with their favorite single-seater without major complications or simulations.

The best Formula 1 videogame to date

In terms of quality, this F1 F1 details the vehicles and circuits in a superb and already hardly insurmountable way.

Codemasters returns to this F1 the local multiplayer option, one of the thorns of the last installment and takes advantage of the different camera styles, making visibility much more grateful. In this game mode we will see the great level of detail and resolution diminished by splitting the screen, but the Unreal Engine will make the experience totally enjoyable.

As for the online options, the game will give us freedom to compete with other players from weekly events (inspired by the official calendar of the Formula 1 World Championship) to flirting and qualifying games that we can create and manage ourselves.

Finally, as in previous editions, we will have all the Formula 1 licenses for the 2020 season, Formula 2 licenses for 2019, the inclusion of two new circuits created from scratch (Zandvoort and Vietnam) and of course, the classic single-seaters to strengthen the variety of the whole set.

The best

  • Diverse gameplay designed for all types of F1 fans
  • My Team mode that integrates the player into a full simulation experience
  • Split-screen return

The Worst

  • Hanoi circuit does not have the same quality as the rest of the tracks
  • AI needs to be improved in some aspects

We have made this review thanks to a download code provided by Koch Media.

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