Little Hope Review: Overcome all your fears in this adventure game

Horror games have always had a special affection from fans. Resident Evil or Silent Hill are considered cult sagas and some of the best proposals in the horror genre in the world of video games. Bandai Namco brings us the second installment of its horror anthology. The first installment, Man of Medan, already made us jump out of our chairs, but Little Hope is an improvement in almost every aspect. Do you dare to be scared with us?

New England and the mystery it holds

The action of Little Hope is set in New England. There, a bus accident occurs and it will be the mission of some students and their teacher to find out where the driver has ended up and how they can manage to escape from that road consumed by fog. But not everything ends there, because a mysterious girl will take us 3 centuries back in time, where witchcraft and magic were the order of the day. Will this curious group survive all the dangers they will have to face?

To give cohesion to the story, the figure already present in Mad of Medan reappears and repeats in this Little Hope. This is the Curator, a narrator who will appear in all the games that make up this anthology

A gameplay inherited from previous titles

The gameplay of Little Hope is similar to that already seen in other games from the same studio. Video games like Until Dawn or Man of Medan, horror proposals focused on narrative. The game itself is quite linear. We will manage a character and we will have to pay attention to all the elements that appear on screen and read about them. We will have a flashlight with which we will be illuminating the dark scenarios

But what really takes us out of this constant linearity is none other than the interactive dialogues that will decide the course of the story based on our decisions. We can also choose not to respond. In any case, every action has consequences and we can play several different stories within this Little Hope depending on the path we go tracing with our answers. We can also change the course of the story by collecting or leaving objects or exploring or leaving areas of the stage to explore. Nothing is left to chance in Little Hope and its variations are countless. And we go even further, since the decisions we make in the past to which the girl takes us will also produce changes in the present of the protagonists

Best to play with friends

Little Hope features an online co-op mode that greatly enhances the gaming experience. Just as if we see a horror movie accompanied we can have a better time or endure that time than if we decide to do it alone. We strongly recommend playing this game with another person, but we also recommend playing and replaying this story that has multiple endings and endless ramifications of its history depending on our own actions

Localized to our language

Bandai Namco has returned to give importance to this anthology of horror video games and has decided to localize Little Hope to Spanish, choosing a cast of actors and actresses of great level (unmarking of dubbing as the video game Control, for example)

Finally comment that the graphic section complies without being excellent and helps us to get fully into this interactive horror adventure that will not leave anyone indifferent

The best

  • Excellent dubbing to our language
  • A story that grabs us from beginning to end
  • Replayability: your decisions change the course of the story
  • Playing with friends is a lot of fun

The Worst

  • The graphics and animations could have been better

We have made this review thanks to a PC download code provided by Bandai Namco.

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