Metro Exodus Complete Edition review: the most complete version of one of the best FPS

FPS or shooter lovers are in luck. One of the best exponents of the genre is back in a new and improved version of its release. Metro Exodus Complete Edition is a major update for one of the most spectacular and frenetic videogames of the last decade. Do you dare to face all kinds of dangers with us?

A futuristic dystopia

Metro Exodus is the sequel to Metro Last Light and the beginning of the adventure places us in one of the endings. It is the third installment of this saga of action and first-person shooter, but it will not be necessary to have played the previous two installments to get fully into this proposal. The population of our planet is depleted to a group of less than 50,000 people due to a cruel and long war and the few survivors will take refuge underground to avoid the deadly radiation present throughout the surface. We will put ourselves in the shoes of Artyom and live his adventures and those of his wife Anna.

More and better

Metro Exodus Complete Edition is a complete update of one of the best current FPS. All those who already had the console version of the previous generation will be able to download it completely free of charge. And for the rest, they will be able to get the complete title in physical format. This complete edition is composed of the original game and all its DLC (The Two Colonels and Sam's Story)

One of the main technical innovations of this console version is the inclusion of ray tracing technology. If you already enjoyed Metro Exodus on PS4 or Xbox One you will notice a graphical improvement from the hand of that ray tracing and a review of virtually all the elements that appear on screen. Playing Metro Exodus with shadows and lights is a totally different experience and even if you played the original release it will be worth revisiting that adventure because it transmits totally different emotions

On PS5 take advantage of Dualsense and 3D sound

We have analyzed Metro Exodus Complete Edition in its Playstation 5 version and we have to highlight the use of Dualsense and 3D surround sound that allows this new generation console. We will have the usual use of haptic vibration and adaptive triggers to mark the difference between each weapon and the resistance of these when shooting. Each weapon will feel unique in our hands and the particularities of each of them will be transferred to the players through the use of trigger technology.

On Sony's console, the 3D sound is perfect and the loading times have been reduced compared to previous generation versions. Metro Exodus Complete Edition reaches 60 fps, a very welcome change in a genre that is based on first-person action and in which all elements of the scenario must respond perfectly to achieve good gameplay

The only but we could put to this version is that it does not allow the transfer of saved games and if we had the story started on our Playstation 4 or Xbox One we will not be able to continue advancing by that same point and we will have to start from scratch. Ç

Final Conclusions

Metro Exodus Complete Edition is an excellent way to approach the saga and a perfect choice for all those who did not play the original release version. If you already have Metro Exodus for another platform, we also recommend trying this improved version to see first hand how well the changes and new technical features feel on the new generation of consoles

The best

  • 60 fps stable throughout the adventure
  • All the content of Metro Exodus in one version
  • The new features on Playstation 5: use of dualsense and 3D audio

The worst

  • No new features or additions to the gameplay level

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Playstation 5 provided by Koch Media.

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