Monster Hunter Rise review: the best monster hunting saga returns

the hunt is on!

Although the game is the same in theory as the Nintendo Switch version, with the same story, the same mechanics, the same soundtrack and the same missions..... They make this version a perfect port for PC, making this installment a must-have for fans of Capcom's saga.

For those who still do not know the most successful Capcom saga, Monster Hunter is an adventure that mixes role-playing and action, in which we must accept lots of missions consisting of hunting big monsters in a very intense and challenging confrontations. These confrontations (some realemtente epic), will force us to learn the patterns of attack and behavior of monsters, especially if we want to create a weapon or armor that requires components of these, because once defeated the monsters we can use the materials that we release to make increasingly powerful armament with which we can deal with beasts of greater rank and danger.

And this can be a lot of fun playing alone, but imagine playing cooperatively with 3 other friends/hunters? It is simply hilarious at a new level, an experience that is incredibly satisfying and addictive, and that is especially true in Rise thanks to the multiple improvements in quality of life that it brought with it compared to previous installments and to such applauded novelties as the introduction of the cordopter or the canyne comrades. In terms of gameplay, it is the most gratifying and fun title of the series, increasing the dynamism of the battles to unsuspected levels thanks to the high mobility of our character and the new verticality of the scenarios, not to mention the magnificent and complete bestiary it boasts.

New features

The first thing that surprised us when we opened the program on PC compared to the console version, is the complete list of options offered to retouch and customize almost any aspect of the game, from things as basic as the resolution or the limit of frames per second to other much more specific, such as loading high quality modeling for distant elements. As we say, there are quite a few possibilities and the best thing is that the menu itself will help us find the optimal values for our equipment, indicating the memory consumption of our GPU at all times and even offering sample images so we can see what exactly we are playing and how the adventure will look like depending on what we choose.

Most of these options consist of turning something on or off or selecting between two or three values (such as low, medium and high) and perhaps some players might miss some kind of more gradable bar, but we think Capcom has done a great job and that what's there is more than enough, especially if we take into account that this is a product originally released on Switch and that, consequently, its minimum requirements are very modest and affordable.

With everything maxed out we've been surprised at how incredibly good it looks at all times. Don't expect anything that's going to test your PC or even compare to Monster Hunter World visually, but the 4K resolution is great, thanks to HDR the colors look better than ever and playing at 60 fps or higher is a transformative experience if you come from Switch, where the limit is set at 30. In addition, new high-resolution textures of very high quality have been added, which helps details such as clothing materials or even the fur of the monsters look great.

In addition, we can not forget that it is fully compatible with ultra-panoramic resolutions and that the controls are fully customizable, regardless of whether we use controller or keyboard and mouse, two equally valid alternatives. So much so that we can set all kinds of shortcuts in case we need them. And yes, it has also added a voice chat function that you can enable and disable at will, something that was sorely missed on Switch.

Another thing worth noting is that the game is updated to its latest version, which means that it also brings with it all the free additional content that has been released over the months on Nintendo's hybrid, including the recent collaboration event with Sonic, the final chapter of the story and a handful of new monsters to hunt, which makes it clear Capcom's intention to equalize all versions of this installment so that no one is left behind.


Monster Hunter Rise debuts on PC with what is, without a doubt, its best edition of the saga. A well-optimized and well-crafted conversion that includes almost everything a player of this platform needs to fully enjoy its fantastic proposal.

In short, this installment is simply a must-have game for any fan of the series. An outstanding without a doubt.

The best

  • A perfect adaptation to PC
  • The cooperative multiplayer mode reaches a new level in this release
  • The visual improvements implemented

The worst

  • Technically being a port of the Switch is not the best work of Capcom

We have made this analysis thanks to a PC download code provided by Koch Media.

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