Moto GP 21 review: feel the speed again

The Motorcycle World Championship is back. Moto GP is back. If speed and curves are your thing, we bring you the analysis of the driving videogame Moto GP 21. Milestone brings a new installment of one of the most acclaimed sagas of sports games worldwide. Put on your gloves and join us on the most exciting circuit of your life. With which pilot will you share the adrenaline of driving at full speed?

Enjoy all the riders and teams

Once again the new release of Moto GP has the official license of the season, so it will be possible to enjoy teams, riders and circuits of the Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 categories. Milestone has not only been satisfied with including the current riders, but Moto GP 21 will also include classic riders who marked an era in motorcycling such as Sete Gibernau. Enjoy your favorite circuits on the motorcycle of Marc Márquez, Valentino Rossi and the rest of the riders of the world championship

Game modes for all types of players

One of the main virtues of Moto GP 21 continues to be its high number of game modes. The most acclaimed by the fans of the saga is still the Career mode. It is a sort of manager mode in which we will not only have to win all the races in the Moto GP category, but we will also have to guide a team and take care of all the formalities involved. From transfers to commercial agreements. If you have played other sports video games such as NBA 2K or Football Manager, you will undoubtedly be familiar with these mechanics and you will already know that it is one of the most replayable game modes

However, if you prefer a more classic game mode that consists of racing on your bike you will always have at your disposal the usual game modes (present in each installment of the series): Time Trial, Grand Prix and Championship. If it is the first time you play a Moto GP you can learn through the tutorials included in the game. The online mode is still one of its main strongholds and will allow you to face other 11 players on old generation consoles and up to 21 players on the new generation of consoles (Playstation 5 and Xbox Series)

Feel like a real pilot

Moto GP 21 will allow you to live the experience of simulation of driving a motorcycle that you want to live. Depending on the aids you activate, it can be an arcade experience or a difficult journey in which staying on the track will be quite a feat. The video game does not want any fan of competition to be left out and that is why it adapts to any type of player (regardless of their level of skill at the controls). Regardless of the level of difficulty and the aids you choose, there is no doubt that Moto GP 21 surprises once again for how faithful it is to the competition it emulates and how real it feels to get on a high-speed motorcycle.

The level of simulation in Moto GP 21 is higher than that seen in previous installments and we can not miss even a detail while driving. One eye on the road, another on the brake pads and another on the wear of the tires. You will need a thousand eyes to win in this video game and millions of them if you want to become a great online competitor

an experience at the height of the new generation?

The landing of Moto GP in the new generation has been discreet. On Playstation 5 and Xbox Series we can enjoy the usual 4K and 60 fps, but the reality is that the technical aspect is still similar to the last release. It is also likely that we have not noticed a noticeable improvement because it is not a game full of cinematics or moments to show off this section

On the other hand, it should be noted that the use of Dualsense has been successful and it is one of the few games where you feel that playing with this controller makes a difference. Thanks to its adaptive triggers we will know when to brake and accelerate, it will give us certain clues about how much we should press the triggers to get out of that curve in the best possible way. The loading times in the new generation are virtually nonexistent and it is a point that is always appreciated, as we can dedicate ourselves exclusively to play without having to wait between circuit and circuit.

Final Conclusions

Moto GP 21 is the definitive experience for fans of motorcycling and speed in general. If you want to feel what professional pilots feel, this is the videogame that will be closer to that experience, especially if you decide to take the simulation to the maximum exponent and play without help at its maximum level of difficulty

The best features

  • Official licenses for all the riders of three different motorcycling competitions
  • Game modes to bore, including the very extensive and replayable Career Mode
  • Simulation taken to the next level: you'll feel the speed of riding a motorcycle

The worst

  • Discrete technical aspect: we expected a higher quality jump

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Playstation 4 provided by Koch Media

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