Resident Evil 3 Remake review: relive the fear in Raccoon City

A little history of the original game

Resident Evil 3 Remake is an adaptation of the marvel that Capcom created in 1999, readapted to our times using the great RE Engine to present hyper-detailed scenarios and a superb character and enemy design

Resident Evil 3, the original of the year 99, was originally conceived as Resident Evil 1.9, a title that went between the first and second installment, serving as a link between the two ... Something like an expansion. In the end, as its plot continued Resident Evil 2, it served to be released as a numbered sequel. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was in its day an excellent continuation of Resident Evil 2, managing to expand the incredible atmosphere and gameplay experience of the second installment, exactly as this Resident Evil 3 Remake has done with respect to Resident Evil 2 Remake

and what new gameplay features do we find in the third installment with respect to the second?

The original Resident Evil 3 added in his day the possibility of dodging, very useful especially in combat against the main villain: Nemesis. New that we will enjoy again in this new Remake, the return of the dodge ... Yes, if we make this move correctly at the right time, time will slow down momentarily and the aiming will become automatic.

The other novelty that makes this game a real marvel is the main villain: Nemesis. One of the most beloved and feared adversaries of the franchise.

Nemesis was born from the combination of a Tyrant armed to the teeth with a parasite so that Umbrella could control him. Nemesis has the main function of annihilating any STARS member... And in this game we take the main role of Jill Valentine, a STARS survivor of the Mansion incident... Something that should not have happened for the Umbrella organization, which will send the fearsome Nemesis to end her life.

This incredible persecution and harassment by Nemesis to Jill throughout the game, will make the persecution that we live in Resident Evil 2 Remake by Mr. X seem like child's play.

And if you are not afraid of the harassment you will suffer and you think this adventure is going to be a walk... The villain Nemesis has been redesigned for this Remake, and Nemesis will not only change its original appearance, but the fearsome monster will present a "second form"

When the Remake beats the original

For this review we used the Suiko mechanical keyboard with red swtiches (ideal for action games) and the Eos optical mouse (to aim opponents in the head with precision). And to achieve a terrifying atmosphere, we used the Kimera Ivory headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound

And now to the point. The game is a true visual marvel. This time it is enhanced to use the AMD Radeon graphics architecture, and leaves us a simply spectacular visual aspect, improving the graphic aspect of Resident Evil 2 Remake

The visual aspect that gives us the dark scenarios with the lighting of the RE Engine is superb. And the modeling of the characters, enemies and scenarios are incredibly detailed, so much so that the transformations of Nemesis will seem terribly aberrant and spectacular ... It's not really handsome, but I guarantee that you'll be left with your mouth open with each transformation.

And the story of this game... what a story! I am absolutely sure that it will hook you until the end and will surprise you on more than one occasion. It's full of scares, action and tension... Enjoy the love of Nemesis!


  • Nemesis and his stalking. You're going to have a terrible time!
  • Greater variety of scenarios with respect to RE 2 Remake
  • The graphics are amazing and you will be able to enjoy all the details


  • In a game of short duration, which will leave you wanting more
  • It is not very encouraging to play it again once you have finished it

We have made this review thanks to a PC download code provided by Koch Media.

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