Resident Evil Village review: join Ethan Winters in his new nightmare

We have finally been able to test and analyze the long-awaited Resident Evil Village. What awaits us in the new and brand new installment of Capcom's most famous saga?

The best of each installment

And is that the new installment of the saga, Resident Evil Village has its roots in chapters 4 and 7. From the beginning of the adventure we will begin to see the winks and similarities with the deliveries discussed. From the arrival to the village that keeps similarities with the lived in that area of Spain and without forgetting the approach of this adventure that is very similar to the previous adventure of Ethan.

Even so it is an adventure that although it has to do and its foundations are based on those two games, it is substantially different. The map offers a new challenge with a starting point from which vertebrate the different regions ruled by the four hierarchs of mother Miranda. Yes, it is confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu is not the main villain of this installment, but certainly her weight in the story is less significant than Capcom made us believe with its countless videos. But don't worry, there will be many surprises and heart-stopping moments. Lady Dimitrescu is not Tyrant or Nemesis, and although she doesn't generate that bad feeling that these characters used to give us, she fulfills her function well and manages to maintain that tension and on more than one occasion I assure you that she will surprise us.

An ambience that makes us part of the story

Capcom plays it safe and continues with its magic formula: puzzles (this time less complicated than in other installments) and action (this time much more action). Of course, I think the difficulty has been reduced compared to other installments of the saga, since with the help of the merchant (the same as in Resident Evil 4), we can equip ourselves to settle accounts with every enemy that stands in front of us.

the most interesting thing about this installment? Each region offers a different challenge, very according to the hierarch who runs it and of course each one will pose a different difficulty when facing both their regions and themselves ... What will also make the difficulty will vary in each region and we propose some of these hierarchs all a challenge to overcome.

The map offers many details to always have clear where we go and of course, to know where to use a key, what areas we have yet to visit and from which we can extract an object. All enemies will drop something when they die, either money or materials. To trade it will be necessary to sell the most precious goods if we want to improve the weapons to the maximum, expand the space of the briefcase or unlock manufacturing diagrams. What a mess!

Regarding the plot, without going into details or spoilers, we must say that it is entertaining, with an exciting story, with plot twists and tension, a lot of tension. Of course, it will appeal more to players who enjoy the more action-centered deliveries than to players who prefer to go to the survival and have a bad time. But whatever type of player you are, you will like it for sure.

And as far as the technical and sound finish is concerned... Outstanding for Capcom. A disturbing atmosphere, gloomy, with decrepit but impeccably made landscapes and masterfully designed characters and scenarios. You will love it. And the sound is of course, the cornerstone of the adventure and what makes us be alert and immersed in the new installment of the most famous horror saga in the history of video games. Undoubtedly, a 10.

Re-playability and the Mercenaries game mode

Unlike other installments of the saga and although I'm a big fan (and I always replay the adventures), I must say that this is the installment that has given me more hook and pique and that at the end of it I really wanted to start it again and continue overcoming challenges and getting better weapons and more difficult levels.

As we are grateful to Capcom for having decided to include in Resident Evil Village the classic Mercenaries mode. This time, yes, it has undergone a slight facelift, such as when obtaining passive advantages randomly and choose from three for each time we destroy a blue figure. The effects can range from briefly heal us with deaths to cause explosions when performing critical hits on enemies. Needless to say, completing each section in the shortest time possible and chaining combos, will give us the best scores.

A very fun game mode that will undoubtedly delight all players who are left wanting to continue squeezing the new installment.

Final Conclusions

An outstanding delivery, which manages to keep the player hooked with its story, characters and the tension that creates the atmosphere that Capcom has managed to achieve. Whether you are fans of the saga, as if you just like good adventures, it is a must-have title.

The Best

  • The graphics and the design of the scenarios
  • The design of some characters
  • The plot and what engages
  • The sound is masterful
  • The re-playability and the Mercenaries mode

The worst thing

  • We would have liked a little more difficulty at the beginning
  • Lady Dimitrescu, who we love but we were expecting the new Tyrant in her.

We have made this review thanks to a download code of Resident Evil Village for PC provided by Koch Media.

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