Review Syberia Trilogy - B. Sokal's complete saga comes to Switch in a single format

Syberia was originally released in 2002 for PC and it is not difficult to see why it is still present today in the lists of the best adventure games of all time. Now it arrives for Nintendo Switch in a compilation that brings together the three installments of the saga created by the writer Benoit Sokal, knight of arts and letters.

From his hand and that of the Microïds studio we will enter a journey through Eastern Russia to the legendary island of Syberia, in a story full of robot automatons and mysticism.

where is Hans Voralberg?

Our protagonist is Kate Walker, a New York lawyer specializing in litigation for the purchase and sale of companies, and she has been sent to the Dickensian city of Veladilène to close the purchase of the automaton toy company Voralberg, one of the most important in the world

After witnessing things she could never have imagined, Kate begins to question whether the lifestyle she had in New York was right for her and begins a life-changing journey.

During our adventure in the first part of the trilogy, we will meet many charismatic characters and charming places, while following the trail of the father inventor of the automatons, Hans Voralberg.

Thus begins our story, which will unfold over the three installments available in this new game format designed for fans of the saga who want to have in a single cartridge the opportunity to relive the adventures of Kate

It is also a good way to approach the lovers of this genre who have not had the opportunity to enjoy the story in its original release and decide to embark on it now. Get comfortable in your Kuraokami chair and enjoy the ride.

The challenge of adapting a classic game to the Nintendo Switch format

One of the great challenges of the Medroid studio has been to adapt the classic point-and-click adventure to the small screen of Nintendo Switch, without losing an iota of gameplay or charm

Finally, they have chosen to leave the action points (hotspots) visible as we pass by, since now we will move around the screen using the joystick of our console and not the mouse. Does this lose the charm of breaking your head walking the mouse everywhere looking for possible clues? I don't think so. While the change may annoy some fans of the more classic format, the alternative would have involved tapping the screen continuously to find the active spots. Even so, they have taken into account the public that wants an even greater challenge and we can disable in options the automatic appearance of the hotspots as we pass by

The graphics maintain their essence of the original work, only with small adaptations for better performance. Unfortunately, the HD resolution of the Switch screen poses a problem for the first installments of Syberia. You can choose to play in 4:3 or in full screen format. This option simply stretches the image and looks a bit strange, so my advice is that you opt to play it in its original resolution, even if that means having some "empty" margins on both sides

Otherwise, little change, as we will continue to enjoy excellently cared dubbing, locations full of details and a soundtrack to match our journey. Get ready for scenarios and scenarios to walk around looking for clues to solve the mysteries of our adventure. Our Arkadia multiplatform controller will be your best ally.

Every chat, every puzzle and every walk through its vast map will lead us closer to the answers that our protagonist needs. Syberia Trilogy is one of the references of its genre and the graphical improvements and portability to Nintendo Switch make it a game you should not miss

Although the decision of this release is striking, (in 2017 they went on sale in physical format and adapted for Nintendo Switch the installments of the saga separately), no opportunity is bad to enjoy the story that Syberia offers us, either for the first or for the tenth time

The best

  • The three installments in a single format
  • Superb script
  • Original and beautiful scenarios
  • Design and aesthetics

The worst

  • Screen in 4:3
  • Occasional technical glitches

We have made this review thanks to a copy for Nintendo Switch provided by Meridiem Games.

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