Sonic Colors review: the best version of your favorite hedgehog is back!

Our favorite hedgehog returns in a remastering of one of his greatest titles ever. Sonic Colors now comes to next-generation consoles with the same essence and speed as its original title. Sonic is still one of the great characters of the video game industry and a reason for nostalgia in more than one player. Do you dare to accelerate with us into the past?

30 years of speed and platforms

Sonic has already celebrated 30 years among us and it is never a bad time to celebrate that fact. While waiting for the totally new video game of the hedgehog that will be released next year, we can start opening our mouths by playing again one of the titles that made the character famous: Sonic Colors. A remastering that will please both fans and those who have their first contact with the hedgehog. The original title was released for the first time in 2010 on Wii, Nintendo's console. The game is a 3D platformer that is all about speed and has around 50 stages that consist of running, collecting rings and facing dangerous enemies

The story takes place in an amusement park built by the evil Dr. Eggman and serves as a cover to compensate for all his historical misdeeds. However Sonic is one of those who think that people do not change and goes deep into the lion's den to find out what his archenemy is up to. The story does not have too much importance, as it usually happens in all the installments of the series, and is a simple excuse to go from stage to stage. The important thing here is the gameplay

The hedgehog runs more than ever

Sonic will have a turbo to reach high speeds and will not consist of running and running and that's it, but we will have several paths and possibilities to reach the goal in the shortest possible time. We will have a button to jump, another to attack and another to activate the turbo, so the gameplay will be very varied and replayability to improve times is guaranteed. The levels are designed to be short and frantic and therein lies the essence of this Sonic Colors. We can bounce off the walls, boost and slide, but sometimes it is true that we feel we are in front of a game of 10 years ago because of some inaccuracies in its control that tarnish the experience a little

Coming from a console like the Wii, which had motion control, there are some controls that have been adapted to the controller and the experience has been optimized to play that way. You will be able to configure the controls to your liking to get the best possible gaming experience. The video game has seven varied acts within the amusement park and in this installment we will have a special power that was not present in previous installments. We are talking about the power of the wisps, which work as a kind of special abilities and serve to give even more variety to the course of each screen or stage

Each wisp will give Sonic a different color depending on its color, allowing us to reach areas that we could not before or move in a completely different way for that level that resisted us

New features of the Ultimate edition

In the definitive edition of Sonic Colors we will have a totally new wisp color, jade, which will allow us to go through all kinds of walls. The graphic section is the one that suffers major changes, reaching 4k and 60fps in new generation consoles. All the lighting has been revised and these new details give a second life to a title that already stood out more than a decade ago. In this edition we will have no life limit and the additional lives will now be a new object that allows you to act as a checkpoint during the levels. Therefore, the new changes are aimed at making more accessible a video game that was not particularly difficult at its launch, but that will allow the smallest of the house to enjoy the best Sonic possible without complications

But the main additions for more experienced players are some golden coins that will allow us to customize the outfit of our Sonic, something that will delight fans of the series. And finally a new game mode that will beat us in a speed race against Metal Sonic and will be called Rival Rush. If we win, we will unlock rewards. And one of the great joys for Spanish players is that the title arrives fully translated and the soundtrack has been reinterpreted

Final Conclusions

Returning to Sonic Colors more than ten years later is one of the great joys of this 2021. The most fans will enjoy like children one of the best games of the hedgehog and new players who are approaching the franchise for the first time will find in the video game a magnificent gateway that will allow them to fall in love with Sega's most beloved character. Play now with the best graphics and with weighty extras to one of the video games that will bring more color to this second half of the year and at a reduced price

The best

  • One of the best Sonic games with improved graphics and weighty extras
  • It arrives translated into our language
  • Replayability assured to mark the best scores

The Worst

  • Some details in its gameplay that have not aged too well

We have made this analysis of Sonic Colors for PS5 thanks to a download code provided by Koch Media.

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