Synth Riders review: a worthy rival for Beat Saber in VR

Rhythm video games are the most popular when it comes to virtual reality. Beat Saber has paved the way for dozens of proposals that have followed. The premise is simple, use your hands to hit objects to the rhythm of the music. Synth Riders comes to give a twist to a formula already consecrated with a gameplay that will make us dance more and with songs by artists as renowned as the rock group Muse.

Beat to the rhythm of the music in a Cyberpunk environment

Synth Riders takes us to environments full of neon with cyberpunk aesthetics to move the skeleton at the speed of the retro music of the 80s and with some more current rock themes that we can acquire through DLC's. We are introduced in this retro cyberpunk environment more typical of Blade Runner or the most recent Cyberpunk 2077 and we start the game in front of a clean and accessible interface that will allow us to start playing. The only problem with this interface is that the video game comes only in English, although it will not be a condition to enjoy this addictive proposal. To move through the menus will be enough with a very basic level of English and the gameplay is completely devoid of dialogues, so we can play this Synth Riders without problems

A gameplay that will catch you

Synth Riders has 5 levels of difficulty and we can increase the challenge as we get used to the mechanics and style of the game. We will also have the possibility to choose between three styles or ways to play: Normal, Force and Challenge. A matter of taste, there are customizations for all types of players. It is a perfect title for both novices and more experienced virtual reality players, since being a static game we will not have that feeling of dizziness and the controls are very simple. We will see two spheres of two different colors that will be blue and pink (left and right hand respectively). The game consists of bumping our hands against the spheres that will be approaching us, as happens with the colored cubes of Beat Saber. We will also face golden spheres (which we will have to hit with both hands simultaneously) and green spheres (which we can only hit with one hand at the same time). And as in games like Guitar Hero, we will also have to hold some spheres forming lines that will make us move and dance to the music

Each time we hit a hit we will add points, and if we do it without mistakes we will increase the multiplier, which will help us to increase our final score faster

As if you were on a dance floor

Synth Riders is designed to play standing up and is also designed to make us move the skeleton without stopping. As in Beat Saber we can find walls that we must dodge to avoid losing points. We have made this analysis in an Oculus Quest 2 and the feeling of playing wirelessly is essential for a rhythm game like the one we are currently analyzing. The audio tracks present in the title are more than enough to keep us glued to this virtual reality world for months, but the studio has been adding content through DLC's and has recently presented a new content focused on the rock band Muse with some of their best songs, so if you're a fan of the group you can not miss this game

In its multiplayer mode we can face other players to see who is the king of the track and music lover of the 80's

Final Conclusions

Synth Riders is a worthy competitor of Beat Saber in the virtual reality music genre and is undoubtedly a must for lovers of 80s music, rock, cyberpunk and sports. One of the video games that will make us sweat the most in virtual reality and that will get us in shape while we have fun and hum melodies in an environment full of neon

The Best

  • A worthy rival to Beat Saber
  • Fun and sport at the same time
  • Months of content and guaranteed replayability

The worst

  • It is not translated into our language

We have made this review thanks to a download code for Oculus Quest 2 provided by Kluge Interactive.

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