We tell you about our fight against the plague in the review Newskill of A plague Tale: Innocence

We settled in our Takamikura Black to enter the medieval France of the hand of Armicia and little Hugo, where we will have to take all our wits to not be devoured by the mysterious plague of rats that plagues the region. This game from the guys at Asobo studio and Focus Home Interactive distributed by our friends at Koch Media may be one of the great covers of the year because once it catches you in its first minutes it keeps you in suspense until the end with its careful story and gameplay.

At a time when we are betting on big open-world blockbusters or pure and hard combat, finding this A Plague Tale: Innocence has been a breath of fresh air. It is a game that revolves around stealth and bets on a narrative with a lot of emotional weight. Our protagonists are children who survive as best they can against the attacks of the inquisition and the onslaught of the plague. Armicia and Hugo find themselves alone in the face of all this armed with an old sling.

Two siblings against an army

At the beginning of our journey with Armicia, we find ourselves in a lush forest spending a pleasant time with our father, you will not be surprised to hear that this does not last long and soon we will find ourselves fleeing with our brother through devastated villages or war zones in which thousands of rats surround us.

The game poses very well the mystery about the plague, its origins or its purpose, we really liked it and we want to highlight it in our review of A Plague Tale: Innocence how it develops its main characters and the interactions they have with each other. For reasons of the story, the two children protagonists have barely had any contact in their lives despite being siblings. This situation is ideal for us to get to know these protagonists in more depth as they get to know each other and their relationship grows stronger.

Armicia, the older sister, is the one who carries all the weight of the gameplay and who dominates the only weapon we can use during the game, our slingshot. As we progress we will unlock more tools that will make life a little easier. Our little brother, Hugo, will warn us of certain objects or situations but our main mission is to protect him and for that we will have to guide him through the puzzles and other situations. This section is very well resolved and this is not easy. At no time do we have the feeling that our little brother hinders the game or is a burden for the development of the gameplay

Following the light

If we want to summarize in an extreme way the gameplay of this A Plague Tale: Innocence we can say that it is a game where you have to solve the puzzle of the room to move to the next, but introduces so many variations and changes of scenarios that never becomes repetitive this mechanics. At one point we can be hiding from the Inquisition, crossing rivers of rats or running away from a military camp. We always have a sense of constant danger, the game keeps us tense in each scenario and makes us really care about these young men and their crusade.

As for the improvements of our equipment we are faced with a crafting system that starts directly from what we saw in The Last of Us, we find materials during our adventure and when we get to work tables if we have the necessary amount we can improve our ammunition pouches or go perfecting our slingshot among other things

The game is divided into several chapters and in each of them we can find three types of collectibles, which gives an extra touch of exploration and having the ability to replay the chapters independently we can lengthen our experience exploring a little more

Masters of stealth

We also want to highlight in our review of A Plague Tale: Innocence one of the basic pillars of the game, stealth, we will have to use distractions and ruses to go dodging the different soldiers of the inquisition and our great ally the fire every time we cross with the hordes of rats. The truth is that the game is quite affordable in terms of difficulty issues, in the final moments this difficulty increases slightly and it feels great. A higher difficulty mode with more attentive guards and less materials in the scenarios would have been perfect but it is understandable the decision that has been taken giving more weight to the story and its development.

Graphics and artwork

The art is excellent, all the setting, both medieval villages and castles and forests transports you to that time and manages to keep you in the story until the end. It stands out how well finished graphically it is and more considering that it is a game, rather "indi" and that comes at a reduced price.

We also want to highlight the soundtrack, which subtly takes you through the (few) quiet moments to rise and give you that extra tension in the right moments that we have enjoyed even more with the Newskill Kimera V2 7.1. The dubbing is very well done although we will not have the option of having it in Spanish, for this we will have the subtitles.

To finish

In conclusion of our analysis of A Plague Tale: Innocence we found it to be an outstanding game, one of those that bet on a different approach and do it well, developing a story through the relationship of its protagonists. A rather leisurely game, which lends itself to enjoy it little by little

  • Highlights

- Excellent character development

- Superbly recreated setting and scenery design

- A story that grips you until the end

- Spectacular soundtrack that surrounds you from the first moment

  • Points to improve

- Artificial intelligence of the enemies

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