Xbox Series S: Microsoft's digital console bet

From Newskill we always try to be up to date in the world of video games and that is why we wanted to get our hands on the new digital console from Microsoft: the Xbox Series S. In a world where the sale of games in digital format is becoming more and more important, this new console is presented as the most affordable option to make the leap to the new generation of consoles. Do you want to discover more about it?

An unexpected price for everyone

When a new generation of consoles was announced, nobody thought that we could get one for only 300 euros. Used to paying 400 euros and seeing the price of its big sister and the two models of Playstation 5, which are between 400 and 500 euros, it seems black magic to be able to play brand new games for that price. The trick of this new model will be its graphics power, its storage and the fact that it does not have a slot to insert physical disks. However, Xbox Series S is presented as a great bet for all those people who do not care about the graphics or resolution of their games and simply want to enjoy the exclusive games of both new Xbox models

A design that makes you fall in love

If something is undeniable is that the Xbox Series S is very small and very pretty at the same time. Its white color does not clash with any type of interior and looks great in your living room or in your room. Having a very small size (it is barely taller than a Nintendo Switch horizontally, we will not have to juggle to place it anywhere without having to enable a dedicated space for it. It is smaller than the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X (we no longer speak if we compare this model with a Playstation 5)

It should be noted that the composition of all its elements and a good internal cooling causes that the only thing we hear when we are playing a video game is the total and absolute silence. It is as if the Xbox Series S were simply not there

A controller that continues to convince

The controller is the same as the Xbox Series X and has one of the best pads we can remember, with a new crosshead that allows you to draw diagonals. Another new feature of this new controller compared to the Xbox One is the Share button, similar to the Dualshock 4, which allows you to take screenshots or record videos. Overall the design has been made with users in mind. Remember that all Xbox One controllers are compatible with this new model, so you can play with friends even if you come with only one controller. The new Xbox Series S controller is available in three colors: white (included with the console), black or blue.

Not for everyone

As we have already mentioned above, Xbox Series S is not for everyone because it has a number of features that some gamers will not like. Such as its lower gaming performance, the fact that it is exclusively digital or its internal storage limited to 512 gb. We will only be able to reach resolutions of 1440p and its graphics card will have 4 teraflops (8 less than its big sister, the Xbox Series X). On the other hand, having only half a tera of storage will limit the number of video games we can have installed on our console, taking into account that games like Forza Horizon 4 occupy a total of 86.1 gb and that the actual storage after installing the operating system is 364 gb

So, if you're looking to play games on a 4K TV with the best graphics on the market, the S Series is not for you. However, if you don't care about graphics and want to save 200 euros, there is no better model

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