Analysis of Little Nightmares 2: a new and terrifying journey

If you like to be scared as much as we do, you are in luck. Today we bring you the review of Little Nightmares 2, the continuation of one of the best "indie" games we remember. Its atmosphere and intriguing story will keep you glued to the screen until the end. Do you dare to play it?

A long awaited sequel

Undoubtedly we are facing the highly anticipated second installment of the groundbreaking Little Nightmares that has been reaping success since we could see it in motion back in 2015. Videogame that was going to be called "Hunger" and left us all with a shiver in the body.

There is no doubt that it is continuist and at the same time innovative as far as its universe is concerned. It is still very striking both visually and in terms of soundtrack, aspects that we will discuss below.

Let yourself be trapped by Mono and Six

As far as we can tell without revealing anything about the plot, we want to let you know that the story is still as "gripping" (sometimes even more so) than its predecessor. We will handle Monkey who is the protagonist this time, although he will not be alone since his hand (literally when we want) will accompany us Six (the already known protagonist of the first installment that left no one indifferent)

The story is told indirectly (without dialogue) with circumstances and facts. This way of telling the story will leave the door open to free interpretation and elaboration of theories. For us it is part of the charm, since once we have finished Little Nightmares 2, we will be able to let our imagination run wild since there will never be a specific conversation that will reveal the truth or solve all our doubts.

Discover the new gameplay mechanics

Little Nightmares 2 is absolutely immersive because of the good combination of the elements that compose it: graphics, atmosphere, sound and the charisma that both the protagonists and the enemies and "final bosses" have.

As always it is advisable to play it with the best headphones you have and keyboard and mouse. In this case we have played on PC with the Suiko keyboard, the Arakne Tournament mouse and our Kimera V2 headset. We can guarantee that the best way to live the experience is with a good headset, since we will not live the story in the same way as if we played it with the sound of the computer or television (if we play on a console).

The new mechanic of picking up weapons to defend or attack is quite interesting, although at certain times it can be frustrating for how it has been implemented. It is likely that we miscalculate the distances and fail to hit our target. If we miss we will have to repeat the phase from the checkpoint and that is never a good taste. However, we can say that this new mechanic not only makes the game more realistic within the ideology of its universe, but also makes the game more interesting and gives it a much deeper development. In the first part we could only run away or hide.

As for the duration we have completed the title without being in any hurry to finish it in about 6 hours and a half. We have greatly enjoyed the experience, its enemies, the fear they can instill in us .... We recommend appreciating all the details offered by Little Nightmares 2 and play it calmly, squeezing every minute of its story

Details that make the difference

We can not overlook to comment on the graphics of Little Nightmares 2 as we are facing one of the great assets of the title. Not only for the quality and detail in all its characters and enemies, but also for the chromatic range, the atmosphere, the reflections and how all these elements are combined in perfect symphony with the graphics to make Little Nightmares II an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly not leave you indifferent.

Final Conclusions

From the team of Newskill we can only recommend this game highly. If you liked the first Little Nightmares and it happened to you as it did to us (after finishing it you spent some time elaborating theories about what happened or its ending) you are in luck

Little Nightmares II lives up to the expectations and the adventures of Monkey and Six will hook you in such a way that when you have finished it, it will still not taste like much. It achieves that elusive effect and leaves us wanting more of this Bandai Namco franchise.


  • The depth of the story and the way it is told
  • The graphics and sound
  • Moments of tension and fun that we will never forget

The worst

  • Sometimes it can be frustrating to repeat the sections from the checkpoint if we "die"
  • It does not have a longer duration, leaving us wanting more

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for PC provided by Bandai Namco.

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