Get to know in depth the new cheap gamer chair from Newskill

The main problem you face when you want to buy a gaming chair is always the price. Making an investment of between 150 and 200 euros is a big step in the configuration of your dream set-up, so we often pass up that chair that we love and we settle for an office chair or even the chair we have in the dining room or in the kitchen. From Newskill we bring you the solution, a cheap gamer chair that you can get for less than 100 euros in five different colors. Do you dare to meet Nayuki?

Simplicity in design and comfort for a great gamer chair

La silla gaming Nayuki junto con su logo

When you decide to buy a low-priced chair or use a chair that you also use on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are failing to invest in your comfort. If you are looking for a gamer chair at a reduced price, Nayuki has a simple yet elegant design without losing in spaciousness compared to other models of Newskill. And all at a price of less than 100 euros, which will help you when it comes to buying a gaming chair. Nayuki has an extra padded seat and backrest to provide comfort in your gaming sessions using your usual gaming mouse, study afternoons or working days

The main advantage of Nayuki over other low priced gaming chairs is its wide seat. For that price you could expect a narrow chair, however you find a wide space to sit and with a curved backrest that will adapt to your back. Make yourself comfortable, because with our gamer chair for all budgets you will be very comfortable playing online or with your friends due to its reinforced structure and the ultra-pressed padding it incorporates

A cheap gamer chair designed by and for gamers

Niño sentado en la silla gamer Newskill Nayuki

The Nayuki chair has a headrest incorporated in its 2.5D curved backrest. This type of backrest allows the adaptation to your back is natural and you get a better posture by simply sitting, getting less tired and you perform better during your gaming sessions and once you've gotten up and go out to play sports or spend time with your family and friends

If you also need to take a break between games, you can take advantage of the rocking function that incorporates this model of gamer chair for less than a hundred euros to disconnect

Removable armrests, stability and mobility

La silla gaming Nayuki junto con otros cuatro modelos de sillas Newskill

Like the seat and backrest, the armrests of the Newskill Nayuki chair are also padded and allow you to have greater control over the movements you make with the mouse or what you are going to write with your gaming keyboard. The main novelty compared to other models of chairs of the brand Newskill is the possibility of removing the armrests up wards whenever we do not want to use them. In this way, we will avoid being bothered if we need a greater range of movement or more space to perform any task

Nayuki includes a class 4 gas piston that can support up to 150 kilos of weight, so that stability when sitting is guaranteed. If you are looking for mobility, with this cheap gamer chair you will also get a good response thanks to its 320mm nylon base and 50mm wheels. You can glide over any surface without fear of damaging the chair and without the risk of damaging the surface

in what color do you want your cheap gamer chair?

La silla gamer Nayuki en sus cinco colores disponibles

Nayuki is already available on our official website at a price of 99.95 euros in five different colors: blue, red, green, white or black. If you have any doubts about the measurements of the chair, you can check them in the table below. We hope we have been able to help you find an affordable and quality gaming chair

Medidas de la silla Nayuki en comparación con otros cuatro modelos de sillas Newskill

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