they are here! Black Friday Deals Newskill 2017

The day has finally arrived. This week we told you about the origins of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to warm up, but today we're kicking things off. Black Friday starts today, let's go!

As in any self-respecting game, information is power. And being aware of the best discounts and knowing where to find them is the best way to find that bargain you've been looking for. That's why we're going to tell you what we're going to do at Newskill and how you can find out before anyone else about everything that's going to be cooking during these three days of the Newskill Black Friday celebration.

The Newskill Black Friday has already started

Last night, at 00:00 the Newskill Black Friday offers started on our website, we were looking forward to it! You can find from today until 23:59 on Sunday 26th a variety of discounts on products such as:

  • Renshi Guang, our most ergonomic and precise mouse.
  • Ixion, a microphone that every content creator should have in their arsenal.
  • Nami mouse pad, the perfect mix of surfaces.
  • Skilly and Bei special pack, because we know you love merchandise.

want to see the rest? Run, click here

Daily deals on Newskill Black Friday

Inaddition to the discounts of up to 40% that you can already find in our online store, we are going to launch a series of very special offers: the TopSkill, that is, offers on the top products that you like the most. For four days, from today until Monday, we will be unlocking different offers. But everything comes to an end, so you'll have to hurry: you'll be able to get your hands on the offers we'll be releasing during the days of Newskill Black Friday (those launched on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until Sunday at 12 midnight. Those of Cyber Monday, other specials designed especially for this day, will end on Monday itself, also at midnight.

At Newskill we like to give excitement to everything, so we are going to propose you a game. Stay tuned to our social networks because each offer will be preceded by a riddle that you will have to unravel to get your hands on it. Get ready because you're going to need all your cunning to get your hands on all the treasures that Newskill Black Friday brings.

We'll give you a sneak preview of the first riddle. Be careful, it won't be the last one today - let the game begin!

"Even if you use it with your fingers, your eyes play a very important role with it, and it offers up to twelve RGB backlighting modes."

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