Analysis Ori and the Will of Wisps: beauty made video game

A few days ago we brought you the review of Ori and the Blind Forest: definitive edition for Nintendo Switch, a wonderful expanded version of the platform game released in 2015. Now we are back with Ori and the Will of Wisps, the sequel to this video game is much more than we could expect, prettier, bigger and with the added bonus of being able to enjoy this unforgettable adventure anywhere thanks to our portable console.Will you join us?

second parts were never good?

The guys at Moon Studios have done it again, they have managed to surpass the original game by far. Everything that was good about Ori has been multiplied giving rise to a metroidvania of epic dimensions, spectacular and exciting, that will hit us hard with its story about friendship and courage. From the beginning you will not be able to stop playing and you will always have the feeling of contemplating something unique and of immeasurable beauty.

A story that goes straight to the heart

From its prologue, the story will try to tear us away a tear or two, helped by the portentous graphics and an orchestrated soundtrack that knows very well how to touch our heartstrings, all without using words.

The first few minutes of the game introduce us to Ori, the little spirit we control, and Ku, the little owl. Together they will embark on a journey that will end with both separated and lost because of a storm. Our mission will be to find Ku while trying to help the inhabitants of a forest that is being devastated by rot and loneliness.

Master class of metroidvania

The game's approach is that of a typical metroidvania. We have to move and advance through a 2D world full of platforms and enemies. The skills that we will acquire will allow us to access secret areas proposing us to revisit areas that we have already passed previously to find an alternative path, solve a side mission or find some kind of reward. It is worth mentioning the variety of landscapes and settings: forests, a desert, a frozen mountain..... Beyond the aesthetic difference, each place introduces new game mechanics that will help us in the course of the adventure, all in a setting of incomparable beauty. We will have to solve ingenious puzzles, overcome thrilling scenes where we will be chased by huge monsters and defeat challenging final bosses.

New skills and a renewed combat system

In terms of skills, Ori and the Wild of Wisps stands out from its predecessor. The possibilities multiply and as we acquire them we can use them to progress through the environment (double jump, throw a beam to stick to a surface, move through the sand ...) or to defeat enemies (such as light arrows, fireballs or even a javelin). All these skills can be improved by resorting to the secondary characters, using the orbs that we will find as payment currency, all in the purest RPG style.

The combat system has been improved, it is now much more spectacular, it has been polished providing greater control of the attack and dodges. Everything is much more agile and faster. The handling of the sword as the main weapon is a delight, and allows us to face enemies face to face.

A dreamy artistic finish

It is impossible not to admire and praise the artistic finish of this game. Each of the frames that compose it is pure magic, a visual and sound delight. Everything flows harmoniously and is full of life. The light that Ori gives off illuminates the scenarios in an incredible way. The constant 60fps in the Nintendo Switch version match those of the other versions, mentioning that a slight reduction in visual quality has been necessary in order to keep the framerate stable. The truth is that this reduction is not too noticeable and is more noticeable in the screenshots. In movement it is practically unnoticeable.

Final Conclusions

Ori and the Will of Wisps is Ori elevated to the maximum expression. It improves all the good things of the original. A wonderful artwork and a devilish gameplay enhanced by their fighting, chases and ingenious puzzles. If you like platform games, we highly recommend you to buy this game.

The Best

  • Wonderful artwork
  • Demanding, but fun
  • Great adaptation to Nintendo Switch with a stable 60fps
  • The chases and final boss fights

The Worst

  • Some areas of the game are overcome with trial and error method
  • High loading times

We conducted this review thanks to a Nintendo Switch download code provided by Meridiem Games.

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