Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones

    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones

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    Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones

    Discover Anuki Lite, the simplified version of the wireless headphones from Newskill Anuki, a simpler option, but with everything you need for your day-to-day activities. Discover the convenience of enjoying your music, favorite content and even calls, wirelessly, with touch control, anywhere and for hours.

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    Newskill Anuki Lite Wireless Headphones
    • Model: Anuki Lite
    • Support:IOS, Android and Bluetooth audio devices
    • Bluetooth solution: Bluetooth V5.0, high-definition binaural call
    • Speaker: 13mm speaker
    • Standby time: about 60 days
    • Working time: about 3-4 hours
    • Charges in the charging compartment: 4 times+
    • Charging time: about 1 hour
    • Connection distance: barrier-free 10-15m
    • Battery capacity of earphone battery: pure cobalt 25mAh
    • Charging box battery capacity: 300mAh (with IC protection plate)
    • Sound in dB:110dB
    • Number of microphones: 1pcs
    • Connection delay (in Ms):80Ms
    • Weight: 110g
    • Size: 134*82*42mm

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    Perfect to accompany you on a daily basis

    The Anuki Lite wireless headphones have been designed to fit comfortably in your ears and to accompany you in any situation. They are perfect for video calls, listening to music or playing sports, thanks to their IPX4 resistance and easy handling. Keep up the pace with these headphones throughout your day.

    Great sound quality

    These wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0, which improves connection stability and promotes efficient power consumption. Use them anytime, anywhere, and always enjoy clean, crisp sound, even on calls. To enhance this great experience, Anuki Lite's 13mm drivers will give you premium sound.

    Touch control of all your actions

    For total convenience, they have touch control on the headphones themselves. You can skip songs, turn the volume up and down, answer calls or reject them easily, as they have specific and simple controls for each action. Discover the complete wireless audio experience, and take control with Anuki Lite.

    Fast charging and ample battery life

    These wireless headphones charge in just one hour, and have a battery life of about four hours in continuous use, lasting up to 60 days in standby. Thanks to the LED indicator on the case, you will never run out of battery, but you can also check the battery on the mobile device to which the headphones are paired.

    Protected and always ready with its charging case

    Anuki Lite have everything you are looking for in a wireless headset, battery life and fast charging. Plus, thanks to its charging case, not only are they always protected, wherever you go, but they'll also charge while they're in the case. Simply charge the case with its Type-C charging cable, and you can recharge the full battery of your headphones up to four times. This means that, with a single charge of the case, the Anuki Lite's battery life can be multiplied by four.

    Easy to pair with your devices

    Connecting the Anuki Lite to your devices is incredibly simple. Simply open the charging case with the headphones inside and, by connecting the Bluetooth on your device, the headphones will show up on your device to be paired. Once paired, you can even receive calls, thanks to the built-in mic.