Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...
    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27"...

    Newskill Icarus Gaming Monitor 27" FHD 165HZ - IC27F6-V REFURBISHED

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    Gaming Monitor Newskill ICARUS 27" FHD 165HZ


    what is a refurbished product?

    • They usually come from a voluntary return by a previous customer and may have hardly been used. They can also come from a showroom. Our technicians inspect them thoroughly and check that they contain all the necessary accessories to make the product perfectly functional. They may not include instruction manuals or driver CDs.
    • Since they are already unsealed, their condition is clearly indicated and their price is lower.
    • They have a 2 year warranty.

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    Full HD
    Panel type
    Response time
    Height adjustable
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    • 1920x1080P FHD resolution
    • Ultra fast refresh rate 165Hz
    • Frameless design
    • VA panel, matching color quality and response speed
    • 1Ms MPRT (OD, enabled)
    • GSYNC/FREESYNC Compatible

    High performance at the best price

    We wanted to increase our Icarus family of PC monitors to 27" to make it possible for its performance to reach the largest number of set-up of our dear skillers. Its frameless design will give you the feeling of being in front of a unique screen. Shake hands with minimalism without leaving aside your gamer side. A computer monitor designed by and for gaming enthusiasts.

    If you blink... you're missing out

    Newskill Icarus 27" FHD incorporates a VA panel with a refresh rate of up to 165Hz that allows the equivalence between response speed and color quality. Thanks to this we get the panel to display 165 frames per second (as long as your graphics card supports it). Our new gaming monitor has a response time of 1Ms MPRT, which will allow you to transfer your mouse movements or keyboard strokes instantly to the screen. Our new gaming monitor is fully compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync technologies.

    Seeing is believing

    With the new Icarus gamer monitor we have decided not to focus only on speed and refresh rate. We are aware that a monitor must display your content perfectly. That's why this PC monitor features a high resolution FHD 1920x1080 pixels VA panel. Brightness, contrast, viewing angles and an excellent color gamut have been perfectly calibrated so that the panel is able to convey the feeling of seeing color in real life.

    Health comes first

    The Icarus 27" FHD gaming monitor includes an anti-fatigue system already incorporated in the entire family of Icarus Series monitors. The flicker free system eliminates random flickering in the display. If we combine this feature with its blue light filter designed to reduce eye fatigue after long gaming sessions, we are looking at a PC monitor model that not only thinks about image quality but also about the health of those who play.