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    Newskill Manticore Combo Gaming Peripherals Complete Set

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    Gaming Peripherals Set

    Complete set of gaming peripherals including keyboard, mouse, headset and XL mouse pad. The pack of accessories for your PC at the best price on the market is Manticore Combo. Enjoy the RGB backlighting incorporated in mouse, keyboard and headset and give an extra touch of light to your set-up.

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    Newskill Manticore Combo Gaming Peripherals Complete Set
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    Complete Gaming Peripherals Combo Set

    The ultimate gaming peripherals combo has arrived. Manticore Combo arrives, the first computer peripherals pack from Newskill that includes a keyboard, mouse and RGB headset along with an RGB gaming mouse pad for you to slide all your accessories on it. Manticore Combo offers four products in a single pack so you can start enjoying your favorite video games.

    The keyboard will be your best ally

    The keyboard included with the Manticore Combo gaming peripherals set features RGB backlighting and ultra-quiet keystrokes so you won't disturb anyone while playing. It incorporates N-Key rollover technology, thanks to which it will be possible to simultaneously type up to 26 anti-ghosting keys. The Manticore Combo gaming keyboard has a game mode with Windows key lock and is fully customizable through its own software, which allows you to generate macros and modify its lighting.

    A mouse that will surprise you

    The gamer mouse could not be missing in Manticore's complete set of peripherals. It will have RGB backlighting and a maximum acceleration of 12G. Vary between its different DPI settings depending on your gaming style from 1000-1600-3200 up to 6400. The RGB gaming mouse has 6 buttons and customizable software for you to configure it to your liking.

    Powerful compatibility: versatile headsets

    Thanks to the gaming headset included in Manticore Combo you will be able to play on your PC and also on your PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Smartphone (via Jack connection). Its speakers will have a 50mm measurement and both its band and ear cups will be adjustable. Play from wherever you want with its 2.1 meter cable and control the volume from the headphones themselves. They will be so light that you won't even notice you're wearing them, weighing only 375 grams. Customize your set-up to the max thanks to its RGB backlighting.

    The icing on the cake: XL gaming mousepad

    but what would a set-up be without a good gaming mouse pad? Manticore Combo couldn't do without an XL-sized mouse pad to give you the space you need. It will give you precision in your games thanks to its natural rubber base and reinforced edges.