Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...
    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series...

    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Switches Kailh Speed

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    Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Switches Kailh Speed

    your skills are out of this league? Prove it with Pyros Speed Pro, the ultra-fast version of our Pyros keyboard. A model designed especially for the most demanding gamers, those looking for the fastest movements, without losing precision. Take control of the most exciting games with Pyros Speed Pro, available with Kailh Speed Bronze, Copper or Silver switches. Choose the one that best suits your playing style, and enjoy the Pyros performance, with a great extra speed of reaction in your clicks

    • Silver
    • Copper
    • Bronze



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    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Switches Kailh Speed
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    Pyros Speed Pro Series

    • Kailh Speed Mechanisms: Cooper, Bronze, Silver
    • RGB backlighting
    • 17 preset and software configurable modes
    • Macros configurable via software
    • Full antighosting
    • More than 50 million keystrokes
    • Battery: 1450 mAh lithium ion battery
    • Battery life: 58 hours/ 9.6 hours (with backlight)
    • Response time
    • Customizable software
    • Dimensiones: 291,3x101,3x39,5mm
    • Weight: 0.58Kg

    Download the product software.

    5 Reviews

    Mi teclado fav
    Me quedo con este teclado, me ha sorprendido lo bien que responde en shooters

    Excelente rendimiento
    Funciona increíble, espectacular las funciones que tiene y el manual completísimo

    Increíble teclado
    Se nota la calidad en sus materiales, una grandísima inversión

    Una pasada
    Nunca habría imaginado que funcionase también. Muy recomendado!

    va de lujo mucha calidad

    Make the most of your space

    Newskill Pyros Speed Pro joins our Pyros series of ultra-compact 60% keyboards. The features you are looking for in a wireless gaming keyboard, collected in a model 40% smaller than a conventional one, to free up space in your setup. Record your macros comfortably with its dedicated software, and always have your keyboard ready to play like a pro, thanks to this version of Pyros Speed Pro.

    Maximum reaction speed

    Pyros Speed Pro is designed specifically for gamers, because it puts in your hands the precision of a mechanical keyboard and the reaction of ultra-fast Kailh Speed switches. These switches, with an average life of 70 million keystrokes, have the performance of Kailh switches, but with a reduced actuation distance. Choose from the three available Speed switches: Copper, Bronze and Silver, depending on your playing style. All three will give unbeatable speed to your actions, synchronizing your keystrokes on the keyboard with your movements on the screen, instantly.

    Travel and actuation force

    The key to the speed of Kailh Speed lies in the fact that the keystroke required for the key to work is much shorter than that of other switches. The shorter the distance the switch must travel to activate, the faster the action in your game. In addition, each switch has its actuation force, which is the pressure you must exert on the key for it to perform the action. The combination of travel and actuation force in Kailh Speed switches makes the difference between amateurs and true gamers.

    Feel every keystroke

    Discover the most pro experience, feeling every keystroke in your plays, as if Pyros was an extension of you. Each model of Kailh Speed switches will give you a different feeling when pressing each of its keys. You choose whether you prefer a linear, tactile or clicky keystroke, but always with maximum speed, even in wireless mode.

    Epic gaming with or without cable

    Pyros Speed Pro brings together features like no other keyboard, giving you total freedom. Thanks to its wireless technology and long battery life, you can play wirelessly for hours, or connect it via USB if you prefer. Synchronize your Bluetooth to any compatible device, save up to three profiles simultaneously, and enjoy the comfort of this gaming keyboard.

    Customize Pyros to your liking

    Customize your keyboard to the max, not only by choosing the Kailh Speed switches that suit you best, but also the best RGB lighting options. Choose from 17 preset modes, or configure the lighting to your liking, easily via software. Make it totally yours, with its convenient multimedia keys and the ability to record your macros, to quickly and easily execute your most recurring command combinations, both on PC and Mac.

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