copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...
    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...
    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...
    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...
    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...
    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr...

    copy of Newskill Banshee Zephyr Gaming Chair

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    Newskill Banshee Zephyr Gaming Chair

    The Banshee gaming chair enters our catalog as the flagship chair of Newskill. A top of the range chair, with all the features and adjustment options you can imagine. Banshee features a unique ergonomic design, with adjustable lumbar support for each user, and is finished in superbly comfortable breathable fabric, available in five colors. Plus, you'll enjoy the great extras of a high-end chair, like its magnetized viscoelastic cervical cushion or its 4D carbon-look armrests.

    • Red
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • White
    • Gray


    With Banshee Pro, get ready to discover the most powerful gaming chair in the world Newskill. Adjustable in height thanks to its class 4 piston, reclining up to 180º and with lumbar adjustment from a comfortable roulette. Enjoy its great extras, such as its magnetized viscoelastic cervical cushion and the finishes of its armrests, in incredible carbon effect. Discover Banshee Pro in red, white, pink, blue or gray, upholstered in comfortable and soft breathable fabric.

    Exclusive and elegant design

    Banshee is a sturdy and spacious chair, made with top quality materials, which make it the top of the range chair from Newskill. A gaming chair with impeccable design, available with premium upholstery in breathable fabric, an option of great softness and resistance. Its ultra-resistant reinforced aluminum star base, certified by BIFMA, is 370 mm larger than usual, and has an exclusive design. It is equipped with Easyslide silicone wheels as standard, to make sliding even smoother.

    Maximum adjustment options

    This top of the range gaming chair allows a total adjustment for each user. Its ergonomic design is complemented by the possibility of modifying its height, thanks to its class 4 gas piston, and the ability to comfortably recline its backrest up to 180º, with its leap frog mechanism, so that you can adopt the right posture at all times. In addition, you can also adapt the lumbar support of the backrest, with the adjustment wheel.

    Lumbar support adaptable to you

    One of the star features of Banshee is that, through a roulette located on the right side of the backrest, you can adjust the lumbar support. With a simple turn of the knob, you can curve or align the lumbar support inside the backrest to different degrees. Get more support where you need it, thanks to the total adaptability of Banshee to your back, which always guarantees an optimal posture for each player.

    Careful attention to detail

    A gaming chair like this is not only complete in specifications, but also in details. Its viscoelastic neck cushion with velvet coating is easily positioned by integrated magnets, eliminating fasteners and making its design cleaner. Adjust its 4D armrests with impeccable carbon texture and synthetic leather upholstery as you wish, as they are configurable in position and height. Easyslide wheels make Banshee the perfect chair for all floor types, as they will prevent scratches.

    Upholstered in soft premium fabric

    Banshee's many features are packed into a fantastic chair with a sleek design that is perfect for any play or work area. To offer even more, it is available in five different colors: red, white, blue, pink and gray. These color varieties look amazing with its excellent upholstery in soft premium fabric, a fabric that absorbs and releases heat easily, through the vents, to keep your body at the best temperature, no matter how many hours you spend in Banshee.

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