Gaming mice guide: tell me what you play and I'll tell you which one is yours

The gaming mouse is the extension of our body in every game. It is the tool that can make the difference in a confrontation, it can be our eyes, our hands or show us where our attacks are directed. For all these reasons, in Newskill we think it is very important that you know in depth what each mouse offers and we wanted to bring you this guide.

The first decision for choosing a good gaming mouse

Today, technology is much more affordable and this allows for a wide variety of models of gaming mouse, the most basic, dedicated to work, to the most specialized in the world of gaming, in which peripherals dedicated to specific types of games, such as MOBA or FPS, appear. This can lead us to get lost in a sea of data and technical specifications that we may not know.

The first big decision we have to make is about the sensor. Depending on whether we are looking for speed or precision we will have to choose between laser or optical. If we generally play MOBA type games and we are looking for a gaming mouse the ideal option would be to choose one with pixart sensor such asNewskill Lycan.

If, on the other hand, what we are looking for is precision because we dedicate more hours to FPS games, the option that best suits our needs would be the optical mice such as Newskill Eos o Newskill Helios.

Fortunately, we don't only play one type of game, we know that, that's why we have our gaming miceincorporate a software from which to configure any aspect of our mouse.

Speed and precision: two specs of an excellent gaming mouse

This brings us to our next key point when deciding on a model for gaming mouse or other. The DPI. This acronym refers to the speed at which the pointer moves across the screen in reference to our hand movement. How much the higher the DPI is set, the less we have to move our hand and if our DPI setting is lower our movement on the mouse pad should be greater.

If we are in a battle in the summoner's rift we will be interested in setting the DPI higher to gain speed. If, on the other hand, we prefer to launch ourselves onto an island from a bus, it is best to set a lower number to gain stability and precision. Our gaming mouse Newskill EOS has profile settings so you can save the options that best suit your gameplay and switch between them.

Gaming mice: Team Garra or Team Palma?

Another important aspect when choosing a new product is the gaming mouse is its ergonomics, its shape and size. Not all of us hold the mouse in the same way, there are three dominant positions. The most common is the palm grip, in which the hand rests completely on the mouse and produces less fatigue. We also find the claw grip In this case the index and middle fingers are arched a little more and the wrist part is supported. This grip is more precise than the palm grip as it facilitates the speed of the click. Finally we find the "finger grip" or grip with the fingertips. In this case the hand remains in the air and you only touch the mouse with your fingertips. It is the most tiring for the hand but also the most precise of the three.

In order to give you more variety and more options to choose from among our peripherals, we decided that our gaming mouse Newskill EOS is more focused on the claw grip and the Newskill Helios palm grip oriented.

Habrok and Atreus... which one is your favorite?

First, the gaming mouse Atreo from Newskill comes as the most compact and easy-to-handle option among our family of gamer mice. Its versatility and its perfect glide over your mats (have you already tried the Nemesis V2 XL?) will make Atreus one of your favorite candidates.

Atreo is a gaming mouse with optical sensor PMW 3327 and its main function is to give precision to the player, making it an ideal peripheral for players accustomed to the shooter genre. The Sniper function is located on the side button. This function will serve to reduce the DPI to 200 and increase the chances of hitting the enemy. We must keep the button pressed at all times, and when we stop doing so, Atreo's configuration will return to the initial one.

The gaming mouse Atreo has the possibility of configuring up to 6200 DPI so that we can adapt them to our particular style of play. We will reach a maximum speed of up to 220 IPS and if in addition, we have a gamer keyboard like the Newskill Pyros, if you are a player, we will have a much better chance of being victorious in our game session.

If you are part of the claw team, you are in luck, because this mouse has that kind of grip to provide even greater precision if possible. The design is focused on ensuring perfect playability, including natural rubber-coated sides and a Teflon surface. Finally, RGB lighting adds a touch of color to this mouse gaming mouse. We will be able to illuminate the logo and a strip on the back, whose colors we can customize to our liking through a dedicated software.

The gaming mouse Habrok has a professional optical sensor that is among the best on the market. The Pixart 3360 optical sensor adapts to any type of situation and starting point. We can reach up to 16000 DPI and configure them from our own custom software. Its maximum speed is 250 IPS and we will be able to glide quickly and intuitively (more if we do it over the bahamut mat). And if what you like is speed, Habrok has a maximum acceleration of 50 Gs, which will make it difficult to locate the cursor on our monitor (have you heard that the icarus 24 monitor is already available).

A good gaming mouse would not be if it did not have RGB lighting. Habrok does not lag behind and offers us a lighting divided into phases and with multiple different effects to be able to configure. The ideal choice for those of you who belong to the palm team, which will provide you with a perfect grip in its ergonomic and functional design. Its multitask finish will make Habrok a mouse suitable for all types of players. And if you are looking for a mouse for life, this is a great option, as it has Teflon feet stickers that ensure durability and a very smooth glide. Configure the eight buttons and win all your games.

Arakne Series: a version for every player

On the one hand, all three Arakne models feature an ambidextrous design that will allow both right-handed and left-handed gamers to play in an ideal way. On the other hand, it incorporates one of the most requested features by the gaming community for a long time: the modular side buttons. Arakne mice feature magnetically designed side buttons for easy assignment of quick commands. The buttons are detachable and feature a modular design.

The Arakne mouse software allows you to configure all its buttons and customize up to 16,000 DPIs. The movement will be much more precise thanks to its panacord cable, which prevents the mouse cable from tangling and therefore the signal transmitted is more reliable and gives no margin for error.

Enjoy its three available models:

  • Arakne has a honeycomb style weight and reaches the minimum measurement of 71 grams
  • Arakne Tournament is characterized by having an interchangeable weight between 75 and 97 grams thanks to weights included with the gamer mouse. On the other hand, its top cover also has a modular design and we can remove or put it depending on whether or not we want to keep that spider web style that characterizes the entire Arakne series.
  • Arakne Elite can be used via USB cable connection or completely wirelessly. Like the Tournament version, it also has a removable modular design top cover. Its low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless technology makes it easy to play with the same quality of movement as a wired mouse. This model is also available with the same features, in an elegant Ivory version

Lycan: a new experience

If you're looking for a totally different design, you're going to fall in love with Lycan. The Lycan RGB transparent mouse from Newskill, its illumination options will give you a different mouse every time you use it. Live a new experience every day, with its 16,000 configurable DPIs, its 3389 Pixart sensor or the technology of its paracord cable (which avoids tangles).

Made with a translucent ABS plastic surface, Lycan's illumination will cover the mouse completely, and it is easily customizable thanks to its dedicated software. No two Lycan configurations will be the same, and you will also have profile settings, DPI settings, polling rate, macros and keystroke changes on each of the Lycan transparent mouse buttons.

We provide technical support in Newskill

Among the most technical aspects that we find when looking at the specifications are speed and acceleration. When we see that a gaming mouse has a maximum speed of 250 IPS, it refers to the surface in inches that it can travel across the screen before losing speed. The acceleration section is measured in Gs and has to do with the relationship between the speed of the cursor across the screen and the movement of the hand. The greater this aspect, the greater the speed and travel of our gaming mouse. .

The best companion for your gaming mouse

As important as the gaming mouse you choose is the surface you provide. We can find mats specialized in control or speed or the standard ones. The main differentiation of the control mats the main advantage of the braided fibers is that they have a more textured surface that provides precision while the braided fibers of the speed mats provide greater speed. If on the other hand you prefer to have the same quality of precision but with an XL space and RGB lighting you can get the Nemesis XL V2 mouse pad.

The Ivory revolution has arrived on your desktop

If you have always dreamed of being able to have a set-up with your gaming peripherals in white, that time has come. The Eos gaming mouse now has an Ivory version in white, as well as the Arakne Elite model, which is joined to enhance this skill combo by the Nemesis V2 mouse pad as well. If you want to accompany your mousepad and mouse you can do it with the Pyros Ivory mechanical keyboard and the Kimera V2 Ivory headset.

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