Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...
    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB...

    Newskill Arakne Elite Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse 16.000 DPI

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    Arakne Elite 16,000 DPI Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse with Ambidextrous Design

    Newskill Arakne Elite is the first wireless mouse from Newskill. Decide whether you want to play with or without cable and don't worry about its gaming performance: thanks to its 2.4 GHz wireless technology, latency will remain low and your precision at its maximum.

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    Title Aliexpress
    Newskill Arakne Elite RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse 16,000 DPI
    16000 - 20000 DPI
    • RGB backlighting
    • Wired & Wireless 2.4GHz (low latency)
    • Modular side buttons and top cover
    • Ambidextrous design
    • 1.75 meter panacord cable type C (removable)
    • PIXART PMW-3335 sensor
    • DPI resolution: 800/1600/2400/3600/5000/16000DPI
    • Maximum acceleration: 40G
    • Motion Detection: 400IPS
    • Polling Rate: 1000HZ
    • HUANO 50M clicks
    • USB connection
    • Customizable software
    • Dimensions: 124,5x64x42mm
    • Weight: 95 grams

    Download the Spanish manual / English manual and the product software.

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    Professional Gaming Wireless RGB Mouse 16.000DPI

    Our new RGB mouse Newskill Arakne Elite joins the family of PC mice. Its ambidextrous design is designed for all types of gamers. Enjoy the professional quality of Arakne Elite with up to 16,000 DPIs configurable and decide whether to use it wired or wireless.

    RGB lighting at your service

    Like any professional mouse belonging to the Newskill family, Arakne Elite has RGB backlighting and different lighting effects configurable from its own software, available for download from our official website.

    A functional and cable-free design

    In Newskill Arakne Elite we have sought to devise a gaming mouse that adapts to all types of gamers and makes your life easier. On the one hand, Arakne Elite has an ambidextrous design that will allow both right-handed and left-handed gamers to play in an ideal way. On the other hand, it can be used both wired and wirelessly. Forget about cables and think only about enjoying your favorite video games with the Elite model.

    Discover its side buttons and modular top cover

    Arakne Elite incorporates one of the most requested features by our community for a long time: modular side buttons. The Arakne Elite mouse features magnetically designed side buttons aimed at facilitating the assignment of quick commands for frantic games where one click is the difference between victory and defeat. The buttons are detachable and feature a modular design. On the other hand, its top cover also has a modular design and we can remove or put it depending on whether we are looking for a gaming mouse with a more traditional style or if we want to keep that spider web style.

    Proprietary software and order in your set-up

    Arakne Elite's software will allow you to configure all its buttons to adjust them to the needs of each game, adapting to each type of player and each type of video game. Customize its up to 16,000 DPIs and give your hand to precision thanks to its panacord cable, which prevents the mouse cable from tangling and therefore the signal transmitted is more reliable and gives no margin for error.