how to disassemble a chair Newskill?

The pieces that we are going to find

Now we are going to detail how many pieces our chairs are composed of. The first thing that will draw our attention, as they are the largest, are the backrest and seat, here are screwed as standard armrests but we can remove them if the incidence we have here.

The lower part of the chair is composed of five pieces, starting from the bottom, we find the wheels, then the star base, the piston and the piston cover and on top of all this the lever mechanism that is screwed to the seat.

In a few simple steps

The first thing we must do to disassemble the chair is to remove the upper side trims, in order to remove the screws that hold the backrest. This way we will be able to remove the backrest without any problem.

The next thing we have to do is to place the seat upside down to be able to disassemble all this part. We begin by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the lever mechanism to the base, once we separate this part we move on to remove the wheels. Simply pull them out.

The last steps to separate the gas piston from the star-shaped base and the lever mechanism are the same. We place some cloths or something similar to protect the legs of the star base and do not leave marks. With the help of a mallet we hit the legs of the base until the base comes out completely

Finally, we repeat the previous operation but with the lever mechanism. We place some protections and hit again with the mallet until the piston is completely out. Following these simple steps you will have the chair disassembled in a few minutes to be able to replace any part you need. Hopefully this little guide will help you and solve any doubts you may have about it. Here we leave the complete video of the disassembly of the chair

All our chairs follow this method of assembly and disassembly. Kitsune, Takamikura, Takamikura Carbon and Kuraokami models are compatible with all the steps shown in the video.

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