Suiko and Suiko Ivory Mechanical Keyboard Software Guide

If you have a Newskill Suiko or Suiko Ivory keyboard you are in luck. We've made it our mission to take your set-up to the next level with our user guide for configuring your gaming keyboard. No more fiddling with RGB lighting and individual key assignments. With the customizable software from Newskill, your Suiko keyboard will finally have that halo of exclusivity you've been looking for. Take a seat at your Kaidan and take a look at our software user guide for the Newskill Suiko keyboard

Downloading the software is very simple

To download the software, go to the Suiko product page and select the Software/Manuals section. Once there, click on "software" and the download will start automatically. Once we download the .zip, open it and double click on the file SUIKO MECHANICAL RGB KEYBOARD V1.00n .exe and we could start using this tool to manage our gamer keyboard

Selecting the different lighting modes

You can choose between the more than 20 backlighting modes that Suiko and Suiko Ivory come standard or create a custom one thanks to the generation of profiles. It will be as simple as clicking on the drop-down menu that you will find in the software itself.

We can also choose what colors or colors we want to be the spectrum of light emanating from our gaming keyboard. We will have a palette of colors to create our own mixtures or select a single color. At the click of a button, of course

We can decide what speed and intensity of illumination we assign to our profile by sliding a button that we will find under its description

Full customization with gaming mode

Thanks to the Suiko keyboard software we can activate or deactivate the gaming mode

If we decide to leave it disabled we can decide to enable or disable some keys or key combinations such as Alt+Tab, Alt+F4 or the Windows key. If we choose to leave this gaming mode enabled, it will not be possible to disable any keys

Save all your settings

We will be able to save our configurations and different profiles to change them according to how we wake up that day. This will be much easier than having to start the configuration from the beginning every day we decide to change the lighting of our Suiko keyboard.

Macro settings

The software of the Suiko and Suiko Ivory gaming keyboards incorporates the configuration and customization of macros to be able to apply them later to the keys. We can name and create as many macro profiles as we want to create an RGB keyboard to our needs.

Once you have registered the desired macro sequence, click on the Apply button to save it under the name you have selected. For its subsequent application on a specific key we must go to the Customize submenu and select the key on which we want to configure the macro. Once we have clicked on the key, we will select the Macro option.

We apply and select the name of the Macro that we have created previously and we will have multiple options to select: play once, play multiple times or click to stop

Note that its keys are dedicated macro keys that can be configured from the section we have indicated above and are fully programmable with macro recording.

Finally, we can make specific changes to each key by clicking on the picture included in the keyboard software Newskill Suiko.

We hope you have found useful the user guide of our Suiko and Suiko Ivory keyboards and that you can now customize your gaming keyboard to your liking.

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