what is flicker free technology?

If you are thinking of buying or renewing your gaming monitor, it is necessary to review all the details and features they offer. Our Icarus family of monitors incorporates flickering free technology in all its models, designed for your health. Are you still using a monitor that does not incorporate this technology?

what is flickering?

Both Icarus gaming monitors and any other monitor intended for use in computers or consoles produce a flickering in the image that can affect the health of the person using them. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid visual fatigue during prolonged gaming, work or study sessions thanks to the flicker-free technology

Flickering refers to all those significant changes in light and its intensity in short periods of time. There are times when these changes are so rapid that not even our eyes are able to perceive them. In order to verify that this flicker exists, we would have to record the screen with another device and identify the horizontal lines distributed in rows that would be present there

The number of times the light intensity changes is identified by the number of times per second that these changes occur. The faster the speed of change, the less damage it causes to our eyesight (as it is more difficult to identify).

Flickering occurs mainly for two reasons:

  • Generation of an image: to give a sensation of movement by playing many images per second. The refresh rate is what we call the refresh rate.
  • Backlighting of the monitor itself: it is common for computer screens to activate and deactivate the brightness of the light to simulate a lower or higher intensity of brightness

Negative health effects of flickering

If we spend many hours in front of the screen and in very prolonged gaming sessions, it is possible that we may experience visual fatigue. We will not have these symptoms if we play for short periods of time and if we use the monitor screen for only a few hours during the day. But the more hours we spend looking at the monitor, the more likely it is that our eyes will become heavy or itchy

If screen exposure is too long, we may even experience headaches or dizziness

the solution? Flicker Free technology

The Flicker Free technology incorporated in the Newskill Icarus family of monitors introduces a system that reduces the direct current of the screen's backlight system. This reduces brightness without producing harmful flicker. It makes light changes more progressive

The high refresh rate of Icarus gamer monitors will reduce your visual fatigue and allow you to worry only about enjoying your favorite video games

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