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    Newskill Interchangeable Optomechanical Gateron Switches

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    Gateron Optomechanical Interchangeable Switches Range

    Discover the new range of Gateron optomechanical switches, interchangeable with each other, perfect for our Gungnyr series keyboards, and hot-swap compatible keyboards. Choose from the six switch packs available to suit your gaming style, and customize your keyboard with infinite configurations of these fast, precise and highly durable switches.

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    Title Aliexpress
    Newskill Interchangeable Optomechanical Gateron Switches
    5 Reviews

    Ni un teclado igual
    Pilla el sonido que mejor vaya con tu estilo de juego.

    Escoge tu sonido favorito
    Packs de switches intercambiables cada uno con un sonido característico.

    Teclado a medida
    Consigue tu teclado único mezclando varios set de teclas de estos switches.

    Configuro mi teclado
    Configuro mi teclado como quiero con este set de switches.

    Para Gungnyr
    Ideales para intercambiar en el teclado Gungnyr, hazte tu keyboard a medida.

    One keyboard, infinite combinations

    With these Gateron switch packs, your keyboard will always be ready, no matter the challenge. Choose the switches that best suit the demands of your games, and you will see how your skills improve. Combine Gungnyr Pro or TKL Pro and these switch packs, and you can have all the keyboards you can imagine, in one. Simply change your switches when you need to with these packs, and get ready to win.


    Hot-swap compatibility is the ability to interchange the switches on a keyboard, and the Gateron range is perfect for this, and fully compatible with Gungnyr Pro and TKL Pro, as well as their Ivory versions. Each pack consists of 20 switches of the same type, identified by color, with their unique features. They are perfect for you to try different combinations, and get the best one for each of your games.

    Optomechanical switches, fast and durable

    Gateron switches are optomechanical, combining the best features of mechanical and optical switches. The optical part allows that, when the key is pressed, the receiver of the plate is activated by a light laser, without the need for the switch to touch it. This increases the reaction speed of the keys, since the pressing force required to perform the action is lower than with other switches, as well as the actuation distance. As there is no direct contact, the life of the switch is considerably extended. As for the mechanical part, it influences the feel of the key when pressed, with different types depending on the switch, so that you can find the most comfortable one for you.

    Feel and sound

    Each of the six switch variants available has its own specific characteristics, and will give you a different sensation when pressing, as well as being accompanied by an identifying sound. You choose which feel is more comfortable for you: linear, tactile or clicky, the latter of which is highly valued among gamers. As for the sound, you will also have three possibilities available: silent, soft and clicky, from less to more sonorous. The important thing is that you find the combination of features that makes you enjoy your keyboard the most.

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