Interview with Folagor: "I'll be damned!"

Today we bring you another heavyweight of the youtuber scene as Folagor to answer the questions of Newskill.

Folagor, with almost two million followers on his YouTube channel, you won't see anyone playing Pokemon the same way. Plus, he recently released a series of videos with his sister Sara, forming a killer combo that, frankly, we love.

Newskillfolagor: As I guess you already know, at Newskill we are 100% dedicated to the user, so our first question couldn't be any other, what do you think your followers see in you? what is most important when it comes to offering quality content? what aspect do you take care of the most?

Folagor: I think they see in me a guy with a lot of energy who tries to make people smile every day. The most important thing is the person; far from the editing or audiovisual quality (although that also matters) I think the most important thing is that the person gets to connect with his followers and that this connection occurs naturally. I think if there is something fundamental in a gameplayer are the comments. I guess that's what I take care of the most when making my videos.

N: How is a work day for you? How do you organize yourself? Do you still play in your free time? Is it difficult to separate work and leisure or do they usually come together?

F: Well, I work about 10 hours a day in front of the PC and that's only at home, you have to add all the hours I'm not in my room. I usually record in the mornings to have the afternoons free and be able to exercise or socialize. The truth is that it's very easy for me to separate work and leisure, I've never had any problem.

N: How did you start on YouTube and did you expect to achieve the success you have today?

F: I started uploading Call Of Duty videos because I saw American channels doing it. The truth is that I didn't expect at all to reach the success I have right now. In fact, I didn't even expect to reach 10,000 subscribers... let alone uploading Pokémon!

N: At what point did you start to think of it not as a hobby but as a way to make a living?

F: At the moment when I got my first more or less big paycheck. Then I was dividing my time equally between studying and making Youtube videos, but there was a moment when I knew I could be living from making videos and also every day that passed I met more people.

N: We love your reactions in the videos (you're always on top of your game), especially in the scares, how do you live with the flipometer always at 11? Have you considered investing in a life insurance?
F: Hahahahaha...I have a hard time recording scary video games, I usually do it always when someone is at home.

N: We also love your sexy kiki, how many likes for you to wear it all the time?
F: My sexy kiki has had more good than bad on my channel, when I thought it was going to be the opposite. 10 million likes and five NewSkill chairs for my followers and I wear it all the time!

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N: It's cotis time, any anecdotes while you were shooting a video that you'd like (and are able) to share?
F: I always tell the nosebleed anecdote, it's videotaped and uploaded to my channel, very epic.

[Folagor refers to this epic moment]

N: A few years ago, professions such as youtuber or e-Sports player were considered a passing fad. However, today you are part of an industry that continues to grow both in terms of viewers and recognition. Do you think there is still a long way to go? What is the future of the youtuber?

F: I think the industry will continue to grow to the point where it will be 50/50 with television, but I think we Youtubers will rotate little by little. There's still a long way to go!

N: What do you think of YouTube as a content publishing platform? Despite being a young platform (barely 10 years old), you know that on the Internet changes happen at the speed of light. Do you think that in the future Youtube will continue to dominate the online audiovisual content broadcasting scene? What does Youtube need to improve?

F: For the time being Youtube will continue to dominate the online video content scene, but I think Facebook or Instagram are very close. Youtube should improve... youtube itself, it's weird to explain but its own concept doesn't work 100% yet.

N: As a youtuber, do you see yourselves integrating into traditional TV? And in other digital content platforms like Netflix?

F: As a youtuber I don't see myself integrated anywhere other than Youtube, but that doesn't mean we can't or won't be able to do it. Not all of us are good at acting or singing (for example).

N: How do you see your future? What do you think is in store for successful youtubers in 10 years?

F: Right now I'm focused on the here and now. And my present is about doing what I like. I'm sure I'll approach the future in the same way.

N: Does it influence the quality of the products you use in your videos? Which are your favorites?

F: It influences the quality to a certain extent, but a lot of times we youtubers get scratched about that and try very hard to improve the quality of the videos a little bit when I think there are more important factors. My favorite products are from Newskill (ahem,ahem) hahaha. Nah, I'm actually glad I have a mouse and keyboard from this brand, they are very reliable (as is the chair, which is very comfortable).

N: As an online content creator, you spend many hours in front of the computer. Do you take any measures to avoid injuries?

F: I tend to sit for many hours, too many, so I go to the gym and I usually run there.

N: Do you think it is important to have the support of brands when developing a career as a youtuber?

F: Definitely yes, it's super important!

N: We like to be told nice things ;) Why did you choose Newskill as a partner brand? What do you like most about us and our products?
F: I like that it's a brand with great quality. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that I will never sell something on my channel that is bad and, in this case, I am very happy to work with you.

N: Any advice for future youtubers?

F: Be themselves, don't imitate anyone and do whatever they want.

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