Our Manticore gaming PC will feature new configurations

From Newskill we are aware that the world of gaming is constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes technology advances even faster than us, but we are always aware to offer you the best products at the best price. Surely you already know our complete plug and play gaming PC Newskill Manticore. After the launch of the new graphics cards and the update of some of the elements of which the computer is composed, we have decided to update the Manticore models including this and some other new features. Do you want to know them all?

What's new in Manticore components

The graphics card is one of the components that has the greatest recurrence of change over time. Not long ago the new RTX 3070 and 3080 series were released and from Newskill we wanted to incorporate them to our gamer computers. The Manticore Tournament model goes from having an RTX 2060 graphics card to having an RTX 3070 graphics card. On the other hand, the Manticore Elite model goes from having an RTX 2070 graphics card to having an RTX 3080. So, if you are looking to have your PC upgraded with the latest hardware innovations on the market, Newskill Manticore is for you

But it is not the only component that presents changes in the models of Newskill Manticore, but the cooling also undergoes variations. The Manticore Torunament model goes from having a liquid cooling of the Nfortec brand in its 120 mm Hydrus RGB model to have a liquid cooling of the same brand, but in this case a new model of transparent color called Atria in its 120 mm version. In the case of the gaming computer Newskill Manticore Elite the same change occurs but in this configuration has the liquid cooling measures of 240 mm

Operating system: you decide

Newskill Manticore in its initial versions always came with Windows 10 Home operating system installed as standard. However, we know that you have your opinion about it and there are people who would prefer their equipment without the operating system installed. That's why we conducted a survey through our social networks and we have listened to your feedback. From now on you will be able to purchase the three models of the Manticore gaming computer (Entry, Tournament and Elite) deciding whether the PC has the operating system installed or not. This way we will have a configuration for each type of gamer and a computer for each person.

We hope you liked the updates of our complete computers Newskill Manticore and we invite you to keep watching the evolution of our new product, as we will try to anticipate any innovation that occurs in this changing world of gaming and hardware. And you... are you still not part of the Manticore experience?

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