The best indie games of 2021

Today we bring you a tour of the most anticipated and best rated indie games of 2021, even though some of them have not yet been released. Indie developers are surprising us more and more and their games are booming, no longer being in the background but occupying good positions in the annual lists

Today we comment only ten of the most anticipated indie games of this year, but there are many that have been left out of this Top 10, and that undoubtedly deserved to be in it.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

We start with the sequel to Team Cherry's hit,'Hollow Knight: Silksong'. In this installment we will incarnate Hornett, who conquered our cold hearts in 'Hollow Knight', as one of the most interesting enemies to beat. We will have to make our way through areas of similar aesthetics to those of the first title, all interconnected, while we face more than 150 new enemies, with new skills, to find the truth behind our capture

We remember that this game was originally going to be presented as an expansion of the first one, but finally Team Cherry decided that, being such an important content, the right thing to do was to present a second title. We are looking forward to playing it, although it still has no confirmed date, but its release is expected for this year on PC and Nintendo Switch

ANNO: Mutationem

Another long-awaited title is this pixel art aesthetic title, from publisher Lightning Games. A role-playing game in the cyberpunk style, which is a subgenre of science fiction but that, thanks to 'Cyberpunk' we all already have in mind, without the need for much explanation.

We will accompany Anna to discover her story, in a world that, as expected, will also have its dark corners. Walk through the city, designed combining 2D and 3D scenarios, and unveil all the plots, dodging enemies

'ANNO: Mutationem' should have been released last year, for PS5, PS4 and PC, but due to complications in its development, it was delayed until Q3 2021 so, we hope to have a confirmed release date soon

Little Devil Inside

This curious title was proposed on Kickstarter for funding and, as you can imagine, it made it. Neostream are the geniuses behind this world designed for exploration, with a somewhat dark atmosphere that takes us back to the 19th century.

In'Little Devil Inside' we will follow the adventures of explorers, to find monsters and supernatural events. It is a game of action and adventure, with elements of survival and open world mechanics, although it is considered semi-open in reality. Between missions, we can return to the safety of the village to rest and prepare for the next adventure

Despite speculation about its cancellation, the game is still in progress and will be released in July, for PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5, with temporary exclusivity on the latter.


Sable is one of those games that caught our attention from the very first moment. The title,'Sable', refers to the young protagonist of the story, whom we will accompany to find the ritual mask that returns her back to her nomadic clan

The theme is quite curious and the setting, a desert inhabited by a nomadic clan with futuristic artifacts, is not very usual either. This in itself is already striking and, in addition, Sable has a "hoverbike", a kind of ship, which will facilitate exploration

It is a game without combat or confrontations, with a more relaxed exploration mechanic and with the aim of solving simple puzzles

With no confirmed date, it will be released this year on Xbox, Xbox Series, Ps4, PC and Mac.


Another of the big indie bets for 2021 is 'Mundaun', which is available since last March for all platforms, and since yesterday on Nintendo Switch.

This first-person horror title aims for the player to manage to reach the top of a mountain, while solving puzzles and facing enemies. Its sketchbook-style aesthetics and dark colors, give it a rather spooky atmosphere

The plot makes it quite creepy, as we will embody Curdin, who returns to his hometown for the funeral of his father, who has died in a fire and has already been buried. But when he approaches the scene of the incident to investigate, he discovers a body, and in turn, that his grandfather's grave is empty. We will have to investigate thoroughly to solve this series of mysteries that revolve around Curdin's family

Book of Travels

One of the most aesthetically beautiful indies of 2021, invites us to create a character to go on adventures in a world reminiscent of fairy tales. In this TMORPG title, which refers to small multiplayer online worlds, the story will change and adapt according to the character we create. This means that each new adventure will be different from the previous one and, we will be able to enjoy a lot of plots

Being an online multiplayer, we can meet some players along the way, although they will be few. We will decide if we want to go alone or accompanied in this adventure, whose launch is scheduled for June this year, and will be available on PC.


The title of this game, continuation of'20XX', refers to any year in that millennium, by the futuristic theme, and basically we will have to make our way through that future world. With clear references to'Megaman', this roguelike platform game is entertaining from start to finish. With clear intentions, we will have to make our way through shooting, hitting, jumping, and any possibility we have, to reach the end

'30XX' is available since February this year on PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch and, is a safe bet to have a good time


tunic' is a game reminiscent in its structure to 'The Legend of Zelda', although in a humble way, with restrictions on access to certain areas, until you have certain skills or weapons. The main character is an adorable little fox, with whom we will live adventures of which not much has been revealed yet. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the gameplay, because we are sure that it will conquer you

Twelve Minutes

This title is a challenge for the Annapurna studio because, having set the bar high with titles like 'What Remains of Edith Finch' or 'Kentucky Route Zero', expectations are quite high

'Twelve Minutes' will put us to the test, so that we manage to get out of an apartment successfully in less than 12 minutes, hence the name. The story is simple but disturbing: we arrive home with our wife and, shortly after we are surprised by the unexpected visit of an armed individual. If we fail to escape in time, when the individual throws us to the ground, the time loop will restart, giving us infinite opportunities to study the events and try alternatives

This is another of the games we are waiting for in 2021, which should have been released in 2020, but still without a confirmed date.


If there is a genre that has fully entered our lives thanks to indie titles, that is the puzzle genre. Maquette is a love story disguised as puzzles with large objects, which also comes with the involvement of Annapurna. With a soundtrack that will not go unnoticed, we will have to solve puzzles while we unveil this love story that will be a real challenge

maquette' is already available and you can enjoy it on PC, PS4 and PS5

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