The video game industry goes into turbo mode

For many it is more than just a hobby and some have made it their way of life.

Video games have long since ceased to be considered a mere form of entertainment. In addition to being a favorite pastime and an artistic expression, video games are a highly profitable industry that is only growing. This is evidenced by SuperData Test's 2017 report measuring the results generated by the video game industry over the past year.

The growth of video games is unstoppable

In the aforementioned report, the gigantic growth of e-Sports and the dissemination of gaming content via video is confirmed. In fact, the figures show that Twitch, despite having a smaller audience in terms of quantity, is more loyal to their favorite video game content stars. And they are also more willing to spend money on them. You also have to take into account the problems Youtube has faced this year regarding its advertising policy, which has generated a lot of discontent among youtubers and users. Sit tight in your Takamikura and pay attention to the data.

Youtube vs Twitch: the battle for video game streaming

But Youtube is not willing to let Twitch win the game, hence the bet on its exclusive platform for gamers, Youtube Gaming. Youtube Gaming not only has the gigantic backing of Youtube, but also counts among its signings with top names in the world of video games as elRubius, Vegetta777 or Willyrex. In short, a very serious threat to Twitch.

ESports enter the video game scene

The number of video game players worldwide is also on the rise, and e-Sports are on the rise like crazy. And the fact is that they have added throughout 2017 earnings of $756 million. This has been partly thanks to the enormous success of games such as League of Legends and Overwatch, which have attracted no less than an audience of 258 million unique viewers. It is estimated that during 2018, profits could reach $1 billion - pretty crazy! However, there are many professionals who complain that the distribution of these profits is not equitable and that the industry needs to be legislatively regulated as soon as possible.e-Sports events have also increased the number of attendees compared to previous years.

In other words, there is a lot of future in both the traditional video game industry and e-Sports. For this reason, from Newskill we want to encourage you to continue putting passion to what you like the most. We will be there to support you every step of the way. And remember that glory doesn't come all at once, you have to play game by game.

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