Disgaea 4 Complete + review: the best tactical role-playing is back

Tactical role-playing video games have never had a very recognized role in the industry, and except for titles like the Fire Emblem saga or the installments developed by Square Enix of its Final Fantasy Tactics, few have been the proposals that have been a great success within this genre. Disgaea is one of those sagas that has managed to have its own niche of players, who love each new installment of the saga. With our analysis of Disgaea 4 Complete + we want to show you that perhaps the tactical role is for you. Settle into your Akeron chair because hours and hours of gameplay are coming.

A vampire who does not believe in his profession

Valvatorez posando en el videojuego Disgaea 4 Complete +

The story of Disgaea 4 Complete + focuses on the character of Valvatorez, a vampire who decided never to taste blood again and base his daily diet on sardines. After a period of glory as a feared vampire, Valvatorez is relegated to the underworld, where he will have to instruct tiny penguin-like beings called "prinnys". Our protagonist accepts this task with pleasure and motivation and decides that from that moment on his only mission in the world will be to ensure that these human souls can continue on their way and achieve the long-awaited redemption. Another of the most charismatic characters to highlight in our analysis of Disgaea 4 Complete + is undoubtedly Fenrich, the wolfish butler of Valvatorez, who will take any occasion, no matter how small, to remind his lord and master that he is magnificent and unsurpassed

The fun of both characters ends when the government decides to eliminate one by one these little prinnys to wipe them off the map. The video game developed by Nippon Ichi and distributed in our country by Bandai Namco maintains throughout its plot a very funny story that will always make us smile. The characters of Disgaea 4 Complete + are one of its strongest and most worked together with the narrative itself. We will love and hate these terrible and at the same time lovable characters and we will notice a great evolution of each of them throughout the high number of hours that will last us to finish this work

Tactics stand out above all else

Batalla de Disgaea 4 Complete +

Disgaea 4 Complete + offers classic gameplay that we have already seen in other tactical role-playing games. However, its novelties are enough to allow a certain differentiation with respect to other acclaimed titles such as Fire Emblem. The story will link different battles by chapters in which we will find ourselves in a square scenario divided by grids. We will control a group of characters and we will have to place ourselves on the battlefield following a strategy. The enemies will appear on the screen from the moment the battle starts, however our characters will be able to leave the scene and get out of the fight again if we use our movements well

We will have the possibility to perform several actions: move, attack, consume objects or perform spectacular combos. Each character will have a certain range of movement and different attacks. The attacks and abilities of each member of our team will also depend on the type of weapon or class we use. In the same turn, with the same character we can attack an enemy and move back to the safety of the starting portal, to prevent the enemies from attacking us in the next turn. It is one of the great differences of Disgaea 4 Complete with respect to other references of the tactical role, to be able to withdraw and return our attackers to the battlefield

In Disgaea 4 there are two different types of characters: humans and monsters. The particularity of the humans is that they will be able to pick up the monsters to throw them to otherwise inaccessible areas (such as elevations of the terrain). For their part, monsters will have the ability to merge and get into the skin of humans in the form of a weapon. And even merge with each other to create a bigger and more terrifying monster

Another novelty that always incorporates the Disgaea saga are the team combos. If we strategically place certain characters one square next to or one square behind another of our characters we can decide to end our turn and attack together performing a brutal combo that will do a lot of damage to opponents. The action is divided by turns, being able to perform actions with each of our characters in each turn. Once finished, it will be the enemy's turn. The battle will end when we defeat everyone or when the objective assigned to the mission is fulfilled

Hades will be our base of operations

Asamblea en el videojuego Disgaea 4 Complete +

Hell itself will be the place from which we will be able to accept missions and improve our characters. One of the big differences that we want to highlight in our analysis of Disgaea 4 Complete + is that the characters do not die definitively if they do so in battle (as if it happens for example in the classic game mode of Fire Emblem). If one of our allies falls in battle we can revive him in Hades, after payment of course. Hades represents what in traditional role-playing games is a city. We will have access to weapon, armor and item stores

On the other hand, we will have access to characters that can improve our skills and the infirmary allows us to revive or heal our team. As well as another of the points of interest of our base of operations: the assembly. In the assembly we will be able to fulfill a series of conditions and even bribe certain judges to obtain benefits that will help us win battles more easily.

Simple graphics and a soundtrack in line with the saga

Conversación entre Valvatorez y otro personaje en Disgaea 4 Complete +

Most tactical role-playing games do not usually stand out for their graphics, and Disgaea 4 Complete + is no exception. The modeling of the characters is 2D, but they fit perfectly with the world presented by the video game and with that touch of humor that is maintained throughout the gameplay proposal. It should be noted that the animations are in line with these funny lines of dialogue and get us to empathize with each of the characters that we will meet throughout the adventure. The camera is another of the strong points of the video game, since we are allowed to vary the point of view to be able to check out unevenness and unknown angles throughout the entire map

The soundtrack of Disgae always complies, and also manages to set this underworld in Disgaea 4 Complete +. We recommend you to enjoy its melodies with our new Scylla gaming headphones.

Disgaea 4 returns with a definitive edition

Valvatorez en la base de operaciones, Hades, de Disgaea 4 Complete +

If you thought you had already read everything in our analysis of Disgaea 4 Complete + you were wrong. This edition is the most complete of the saga and the duration of the title will vary between 50 and 200 hours depending on how complete you are. Stopping to replay missions and leveling up is a very common strategy in the series and if you like tactical RPGs you will love to see how your characters are improving and gaining new skills. Finishing the main story is not the end of the game as there is more than one ending and a very extensive post-game content. We have played it with the Arkadia gaming controller and it ended up smoking.

The main new features of this Complete edition are:

  • Includes all additional characters and scenarios from previous games
  • Audio in English or Japanese
  • Text in English or French
  • Peta level spells and specific abilities
  • New features: Cheat Shop, Event Viewer, Weapon Appareance, Innocent Warehouse and Pay Up System
  • New network features: edit and upload map, edit and upload pirate, pirate duels and foreign ministers
  • New resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Allowed speeds: x2, x3, x4
  • Magichange preview
  • Automatic saving after winning battles

The best thing about it

  • Duration: completing the adventure will take between 50 and 200 hours
  • The most complete version of Disgaea 4
  • The touch of humor that always accompanies the adventures of Valvatorez

The Worst

  • It is not translated or dubbed into Spanish

We have made this analysis thanks to a Nintendo Switch download code provided by Bandai Namco

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