NBA 2K21 review: the best basketball league is back

This week it's the turn of one of the greats of the NBA franchise, NBA 2K21 for PS5 arrives to our hands and leaves us with a good taste in our mouths for this new generation. From Newskill we bring you the analysis of NBA 2K21 for Playstation 5. Will you score some triples with us? Discover the ultimate basketball simulator with next-gen graphics!

An installment that makes the leap to the new generation of consoles

An atypical year this 2020 marked primarily by the coronavirus and that at the time of its presentation for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC appeared little new compared to its predecessor. However, and after thoroughly testing this new version, it is clear to us that this NBA 2K21 had much to contribute to the new generational leap.

That said, two big questions arise: What novelties can we find in this new Next-gen generation and what evolution will we find between this version and the one we could already play a few months ago?

One of the most striking will be the leap in quality in its physical aspect, each capture, play, replay and video is pampered in detail and with a stunning reality. Another novelty will be the loading times, which will become a mere logo that moves across the screen and before we know it we will find ourselves in the initial jump.

2K remains the benchmark of basketball video games

Entering gameplay material, we highlight in addition to the ultra-fast loading times, smoother performance, higher resolution and a finish on the models and courts that border on reality. The facial and movement features gain in these improvements and both physical movements and collisions are at another level. The new lighting system as well as the way in which players walk or interact with each other based on what happens in the game, bring us even closer to the broadcasts of the franchise (See how Stephen Curry takes his now famous splint out of his mouth and chews it in the middle of the game makes our skin bristle to all lovers of this sport and shows us the high quality of detail of this edition).

Let's move on to the default camera, a change where we are closer to the foot of the court, showing the real height differences between players and without conditioning the visibility, that translates equally in a better feeling of the controls and a direct impact on the gaming experience. This new camera is inspired by the broadcasts that all fans have seen in the NBA bubble since Disney Word this confinement and brings us very good gameplay sensations.

Feel like a player of the best basketball league

As for the atmosphere, Visual Concepts has put all the meat on the grill, since we started the game we are completely surrounded by a variety of fans with their own criteria and character, we will also find dancing mascots and cheerleaders to give life to the stands. In short, an atmosphere that we have never found in any other basketball game.

Entering the bulk of the NBA 2K21 experience we come to the game modes:

  • Play Now as well as its online and parallel variations to NBA events. Always very used to share control and playability with friends in local.
  • My player and my team: one of the great ambitions, the career centered on our created character and collectible cards created by the NBA.

The great ambition of the game continues to be My Player, an experience where we will see our player prosper through an ambitious story from high school to the NBA, adding progress or failures that will take us into a cinematic scene created for the occasion

The neighborhood also undergoes a modification and we will find The City, a huge open space and divided into four major factions, but it will not be so easy to enter it, as we will have to have a minimum level of player from a small courts where we will have to show off and level up. As expected, this space is enabled for all newcomers to acquire the necessary level and it will be a slight procedure to enter with our player or any other future player.

The city will be the dream place of all passionate and we can walk freely and spend our credits in the clothing store and sneakers or meet with our friends and other players to take a few games and advance your character progress.

Last but not least, NBA 2K21 ambitiously bet on the WNBA women's basketball through its own mode The W. The player will get into the essential aspects of the game through professional players.

The Best

  • Renewal of "The Neighborhood" by "The City" creating a new social space for all basketball lovers with plenty of options.
  • Generational leap in visibility and playability for the Next-Gen
  • Video game for hours and hours of fun, both in 1 player mode and local multiplayer and / or online

The Worst

  • Too much inequality between users when applying micropayments in in-game improvements

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Playstation 5 provided by 2K Games.

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