Nexomon Extinction review: a breath of fresh air for the creature-capture genre

There are many of you who, like us, when you were little (and not so little), got into the world of pokémons and started catching critters with your pokeballs. Since then, there have been many video games that have tried to imitate that system and gameplay. Some with more success than others. Now comes from the hand of Meridiem Games to our country the video game Nexomon Extinction, a proposal that will not leave you indifferent and that for many will be even better than the mirror in which it looks. Will you join us to catch nexomons with us?

A story that breaks away from the stereotypes of the genre

Nexomon Extinction differs from other monster-catching video games in many ways. One of them is the story, which is much more mature and with more plot twists than we are used to. After an initial presentation in which a group of Nexomone trainers are fighting against the bad guy of the story, we get into the shoes of a boy or girl who is in an orphanage waiting for his or her chance to become a Nexomone tamer

From that moment we meet a ghost who will give us a nexomon to choose from nine different ones. We will not have to think too much about the decision we make, since the other 8 nexomons can be found throughout the long and huge world that Nexomon Extinction puts at our disposal. At this point in the adventure we will have to fight against some rebel tamers who control creatures called Tyrants, which are like a kind of descendants of that evil Nexomon, the king of the nexomons. In our hands will be to become one of the best tamers in the region and prevent the king of the nexomons return to terrorize the entire population

A gameplay that brings freshness and a lot of novelties

Nexomon Extinction gives a blow on the table with respect to the classic gameplay of the genre and proposes a series of novelties that will surprise the most fans. On the one hand, the capture of wild Nexomons will not only depend on the type of nexotrap (the equivalent of a pokeball) or how weakened the Nexomon is at that moment. We will also be able to feed the nexomons (each one has a favorite type of food) and perform a sequence of buttons in a given time to favor the capture percentage. Before launching a nexotrap we will know the % of success we will have to capture that creature

On the other hand, the difficulty has been raised one point compared to previous proposals. It is unthinkable to go with a Nexomon in this game and try to do a route in one go. On the one hand, the rivals level up according to the level of our own team (and they will challenge us again after a while with an even higher level). And on the other hand, the wild nexomones also rise according to our level and inflict a lot of damage. Our nexomons have a certain amount of stamina, and each hit or move we perform consumes stamina, so if we run out of stamina we can not defend ourselves and we will have to change nexomons

In Nexomon Extinction we forget about gyms, since the objective of the adventure is not to become the best tamers of the guild, but to save the population from a new reign of the evil nexomons. In this way, the adventure becomes more of a classic Japanese role-playing game in which we will have to confront villains and advance in the adventure

More and more new gameplay features for completionists

Throughout our journey in Nexomon Extinction we will collect minerals that will help us to create nexotraps or to create power cores for our nexomones. The nexotraps are of different types and we will be able to use them depending on each of the nine types of Nexomon existing in the game. Regarding the cores, they will be used to improve the capabilities of our team. Each Nexomon has 4 slots to equip cores, and the cores improve characteristics such as gaining experience, money obtained in combat, attack, defense or resistance to state changes

One of the most interesting aspects of Nexomon Extinction is that apart from the main missions that will make us move forward in the plot, the game is full of side missions that will make the duration of the title extend even longer than it already is. Depending on how complete we are we can complete the adventure from about 30 hours to infinity. There are 381 different nexomones at our disposal and once we finish the adventure we will go head to the postgame content and go catching legendary nexomones

As in the Pokémon adventures, there are also colored nexomons, which have improved attributes compared to the same species in its normal version. The ability to fly is replaced by a kind of teleporters located in several key points of the map. We warn that to move around the world of Nexomon we will have to have patience and memory, as there is no world map as such. And regarding the capture of nexomons in tall grass simply comment that we can avoid the battle at all times as we will see the piece of grass in which there is a Nexomon, move

Graphics, sound and future updates

Nexomon Extinction complies in the graphic section with some drawn designs and few animations or cinematics. It is normal, since we are not talking about a studio with a high budget, and it makes you dizzy to think about what this studio could have done if it had a similar budget to Game Freak, since in many of its playable or story sections it takes out the colors to the best installments of the well-known video game saga

The melodies accompany us at all times and are not heavy at all, they fit perfectly with each area through which we advance in the game and we will not be at all heavy

Despite not having a multiplayer mode, we are sure that the studio will value this possibility in the future, as they are proving to be a company that listens to their audience with the inclusion of numerous patches that are perfecting the gameplay proposal and extending the life of the title with proposals for the postgame and features that the community was asking for as a running shoes or a higher rate of appearance of the legendary nexomons

Undoubtedly Nexomon Extinction has proven to be more than a copy of and has a personality that many current triple A games would like

The best thing about it

  • The capture system of the nexomons is very deep and is very well worked
  • Its duration, we can dedicate dozens of hours without getting bored
  • A story that will catch you from the first minute
  • The power cores, giving a more RPG and adult touch to the proposal

The Worst

  • The animations could be more elaborate if the budget was higher

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Nintendo Switch provided by Meridiem Games.

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