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Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad
Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad
Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad
Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad

Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad

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Themis Pro RGB Cordura Gaming Mouse Pad

The Themis Pro RGB gaming mouse pad is designed to maximize your mouse skills and give your best in every game. Its surface is made of cordura, a fantastic material that combines great resistance and the best glide, guaranteeing precision in your movements. Discover Themis Pro RGB in either of its two sizes, and enjoy a gaming mouse pad with professional features and the best RGB, to illuminate your long games

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Newskill Themis Pro RGB Cordura Mousepad
  • Sizes:460x400x4mm // 960x400x400x4mm
  • Ultra durable waterproof surface made of original cordura
  • Anti-slip base made of natural rubber
  • RGB lighting with various modes and colors.
  • PC software to adjust colors
  • USB Type C

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Cordura: maximum precision and control

Themis Pro RGB is made of Cordura fabric, a material that makes this gaming mouse pad much more than just a surface on which to place your peripherals. Thanks to this material, you will enjoy an incredibly slippery mousepad, where your movements will have no limits, but with all the security offered by its non-slip natural rubber base. Ultra fast and precise movements, always under control.

Durability and style

The combination of extraordinary materials, cordura and natural rubber, for its manufacture, make Themis Pro RGB a very resistant mouse pad. Its thickness of only 4 mm is enough to perfectly withstand the dragging of the mouse, avoiding the effects of abrasion and deformation. Its elegant black surface is prepared to withstand splashes, is stain-proof, and its stitching on the edges is not only decorative, but prevents tears and unraveling, so you can use it to the fullest, without fear.

Gamer-style mouse pad

If you are always looking for the most gamer style for your setup, you will love the Themis Pro RGB lighting. Connect this gaming mouse pad easily via its USB Type-C cable, and configure it through its software. You can choose between different lighting modes, including the classic fixed, breathing and rainbow modes, and customize the color that will illuminate your gaming area.

Two sizes, one goal

With Themis Pro RGB we want you to maximize your skills to win. Choose between two sizes, and let the mouse pad perfectly match your gaming style. The 460 x 400 mm model will provide a great base for your mouse, but if you are looking for a large surface on which to place your keyboard and other peripherals, the 960 x 400 mm model is for you. You choose how far you want to go with Themis Pro RGB.

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