How to assemble a gaming chair

Your long awaited chair Newskillhas arrived... now what? How do I assemble this box full of parts and wrappings? This is the first thing you may have asked yourself and the first thing we have thought of to write this small tutorial that will help you to assemble a gaming chair in an easier and faster way. Do you dare to assemble your gaming chair with us?

Checking that we have all the parts is essential

To assemble a gaming chair the first step is to identify each and every one of the necessary parts and order them so that the assembly process is much easier. If you are missing any part you can solve your problem with us without any problem. The fundamental parts that we must have well located will be the backrest, the seat, the mechanism, the wheels, the cushions, the star base, the gas piston, the trims and the screws needed to properly assemble a gaming chair.

Let's start with the seat mechanism

The first step to assemble a gaming chair is to assemble the seat with its mechanism. To do this we will take the seat piece and place it face up, with the armrests touching the floor. This way you can work more easily when placing the screws. We place the seat mechanism following the instructions of the arrows located on the seat and on the mechanism itself to know in which orientation to place it. We fit the holes of the mechanism with the holes of the seat and we place the necessary screws to be able to carry out this union between both pieces

The wheels to the star base

The second step to assemble a gaming chair is to place the wheels on the star base of the chair. It is a very simple process, we will only have to place the star base resting on the floor with the holes facing up (as we have done previously with the seat) and insert the five wheels. To fit each wheel, simply place it over the hole in the base and press until it fits. If you repeat this operation five times, you will have the base of your chair ready. Together with the seat, there are already two processes that you will have done to assemble a gaming chair.

The gas piston joins base and seat

When we have already assembled the seat and the base of the chair we can join the base to the gas piston, which will be the piece that joins the base with the seat of the gaming chair Newskill. It will be as simple as placing the gas piston in the hole in the center of the star base and then place on the gas piston its protective cover. The next step is to take the seat and assemble it to the gas piston, so that the seat and base are fully connected

We couldn't be comfortable without the backrest

To assemble a gaming chair it is necessary to attach the backrest to the seat of the chair, otherwise we would not be able to rest our back anywhere. We will fit the backrest to the seat and we will orient the holes incorporated in the backrest to match the metal pieces that are included in the seat and that are used to correctly place the screws necessary to fix the backrest.

The finishing touches: trim and cushions

The last details are usually the most important, as they allow us to have a gaming chair assembled with a certain style and comfort. Placing the trims on the metal part that has served to join the seat and backrest will give our chair a much more neat appearance. We will place these trims on the left side and on the right side of the backrest and we will use a screw to fix them correctly

The last step to assemble a gaming chair is to place the two cushions that are included in most of the chair models Newskill (except for the Aryon chair model). In the video below we detail how to place both the lumbar and cervical cushions, as well as the use of functionalities such as adjusting the chair or the position of the armrests

We hope that this small tutorial on how to assemble a gaming chair has been useful and we wish you to enjoy very comfortable gaming sessions.

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