Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro...

    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro optomechanical RGB gaming keyboard with interchangeable switches

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    Gungnyr TKL Pro optomechanical RGB gaming keyboard with hot-swap compatibility

    Gungnyr TKL Pro is the optimized optomechanical keyboard, without numeric pad, for those looking for a compact keyboard with unmatched performance. As a good gamer keyboard, it has customizable RGB lighting, as well as RGB magnetized wrist rest, an incredible combination for your setup. As standard, you can enjoy its Gateron Red switches, but being hot-swap compatible, you can change them to your liking, for other switches from the Gateron range. Choose Gungnyr TKL, infinite keyboards in one. Available in Black and Ivory versions.

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    Title Aliexpress
    Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro optomechanical RGB gaming keyboard with interchangeable switches
    • Supports custom configuration
    • Hot-swap
    • RGB lighting software
    • 6 backlighting modes
    • Antighosting
    • Gateron Red switches
    • Average switch life: Gateron 100 million keystrokes (min.)
    • ES Layout
    • Pulsation: 2.0±0.6mm
    • Switch actuation force Red: 45±15gf
    • Total travel: 4.0mmMax
    • Connection: USB 2.0
    • Cable: 1.8M
    • Size: (L) 356mm x (W)128mm x (H) 42mm
    • Wrist rest size: (L) 355mm x (W)82mm x (H) 11 mm
    • Keyboard weight: 800g
    • Wrist rest weight: 230g

    Download the product software and quick guide in English.

    5 Reviews

    Menos es más
    En menos espacio consigues el mismo rendimiento que con otros teclados más grandes

    Mi TKL imprescindible
    De todos los TKL que he tenido sin duda el mejor, y con teclas intercambiables

    Pequeño pero matón
    Me encanta que con un tamaño tan reducido pueda ofrecer tanto y por ese precio

    Espacio adaptado
    Sus teclas intercambiables y su espacio adaptado lo convierten en un imprescindible.

    No ocupa nada
    Al ser tkl apenas ocupa y funciona de lujo, impresionante.

    TKL Optomechanical Keyboard

    Gungnyr TKL Pro is part of our range of TKL or "TenKeyLess" keyboards. In the case of this model, it does not have a numeric pad, which allows you to save space in your setup to play more comfortably, thanks to its reduced size. Despite dispensing with the numeric pad, Gungnyr TKL is a full-featured keyboard, with high-speed Gateron Red switches, optimized to give you greater comfort and a more specific usability for gamers.

    Performance of an optomechanical keyboard

    Gungnyr series keyboards are optomechanical, their switches are a hybrid between the best features of mechanical and optical switches. The mechanical part influences the feel of the key when pressed, preserving that clicky keystroke so typical of gaming keyboards. On the other hand, the optical part bases its operation on light, so that, when the key is pressed, the light will trigger the action without the switch touching the keyboard plate, unlike mechanical switches, where the action is produced by direct contact. Thanks to this, these switches are not only faster, but they are also more durable, since, as there is hardly any contact and friction, they have much more endurance.

    Interchangeable hot-swap switches

    The Gungnyr series brings with it the Gateron range of switches, the different variants of which can be interchanged with each other, as you wish. This switch exchange is commonly known as "hot-swap", and Gungnyr TKL Pro is fully compatible with this option, so you can change your switches in a comfortable and simple way, without complications, and find the ones that best suit your game. Enjoy this keyboard made with great materials and aluminum body, and swap switches whenever you want, to have a thousand keyboards in one.

    Range of additional Gateron switches

    In our catalog you will find packs with 20 units of six variants of Gateron switches. Each type of switch has specific characteristics and features, which you can combine to get the keyboard of your dreams. Choose the specifications that best suit your gaming and usage preferences, as well as the sound and feel you like the most, and make your keyboard the ultimate gaming peripheral.

    Much more than a wrist rest

    Wrist rests are the perfect complement to play for hours with your keyboard. They provide comfort and firmness to your wrists, keeping your hands always in a good posture, thus avoiding any slight problem caused by hours of use. But the Gungnyr TKL Pro wrist rest is much more than that, it is magnetized to the body of the keyboard, to make it easier to stay in the right position and also has RGB lighting all around.

    Customizable software and lighting

    Through its software, you can configure the lighting of the keys of Gungnyr Pro Ivory, choosing among its six preconfigured modes, as well as its contour. To switch between the available modes of the wrist rest you will have several modes selectable from the keyboard itself. In addition, you can also quickly and easily record your macros, to get the most out of this keyboard designed especially for gamers.

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