History of Black Friday: From Roosevelt to Newskill

what is Black Friday? We know this is a question you are probably not asking yourself

In just a few years, Black Friday, that day when most stores launch great deals and significant discounts, has become a tradition for everyone. An unmissable date with your favorite brands and a way to save by buying Christmas gifts in advance. All advantages!

A little history about Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season in the United States and Canada since President Roosevelt set the holiday on the fourth Thursday in November. And while you may think that Black Friday is a two-day thing, the truth is that in the United States it has been celebrated... since 1954! Although it's true that the term didn't really take hold until 1975, when it first appeared in an article in The New York Times about "the busiest shopping day of the year".

The origin of Black Friday

The term has a curious origin: since the day after Thanksgiving Thursday is considered the starting signal for Christmas shopping, retailers overcame a few months in the red by returning to a positive balance in their accounts. In other words, the accounts went from red to black. Hence the name: Black Friday. Simple, isn't it?

Cyber Monday joins the party

With the arrival of the Internet in our lives, many things changed, including the way we shop. That's why in 2005 we started to talk not only about Black Friday but also about Cyber Monday, which corresponds to the Monday after Thanksgiving Day and focuses on offers for online shopping, especially those related to technology.

Black Friday comes to Newskill

In Newskill, as every year, we join the celebration in style. Be very attentive to our social networks, because from Friday 24 to Monday 27 we will beannouncing exclusive offers on your favorite products on the occasion of Black Friday. You'll have to be quick, they will be valid while stocks last!

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