Analysis of Guardians of the Galaxy: Shoot to the beat of the music

Before starting with the review of the new Marvel video game based on the most dysfunctional group of superheroes in the galaxy, I have to say that fortunately it is nothing like Marvel's Avengers. The Avengers video game created by Crystal Dynamics, was more focused on the multiplayer mode, while this new adventure focuses on the story mode, specifically the story of Star-Lord

The new Guardians of the Galaxy video game has a very attractive, dynamic and frenetic third-person action campaign and of course it is full of humor and action in abundance? come on, what we fans have been waiting for!

We start using a teenager Star-Lord, of which we will discover a little more of his past (of what we have already seen in the movies) and that will jump to the present time with the group of Guardians of the Galaxy already created. The story will develop and we will get to know our team more and more, since in this adventure our companions (controlled by the computer) are fundamental in the story. They will be continuously interacting with Star-Lord either to solve puzzles, or to help in battles using their unique abilities.

And even though we are only controlling one character, this gameplay with the continuous interaction of our companions, makes it really feel like teamwork. Adding to that is the fact that the dialogues are very well done and each character has their own personality. In addition, the interactions between the Guardians and the decisions we make during the game strengthen the bonds and the dynamics of combat.

A story that will grab you

With respect to the plot of the video game, this takes us to a war left great aftermath in the galaxy. The Guardians obviously want to get economic benefits from these consequences, but inevitably the mercenaries make mistakes and have to bring out their superhero condition...

Although from the very first mission we have the chance to explore the striking cosmic elements of the Marvel universe, I must re-emphasize that the most interesting thing is that we are also forging the bridges that define our progress and that of our relationships with our teammates throughout the adventure. This is achieved through a selection of dialogues when we interact with them, since some of our decisions define our progress, and also with the collaboration that is developed with the other characters to solve the problems that arise during the adventure. In the middle of these problems, of course there is action and combat (many and very good) and to face them not only let's make use of our guns, as we can also direct some attacks of the companions (each member of Guardians of the Galaxy has unique attacks and different skills to the rest).

Final conclusions

That a video game manages to portray this dysfunctional family so well is simply wonderful. Finally an outstanding Marvel videogame in which we enjoy their superheroes and see the more "human" side of them, with their worries and their relationships with their companions. All accompanied by a music that is at another level, very eighties and cane, ideal for this frantic game.

In short, Guardians of the Galaxy is a video game that perfectly defines this team of superheroes from "The House of Ideas". If you are fans of superheroes, and not just their movies, this is your video game without a doubt, so it deserves an Outstanding.

The best

  • The action moments
  • The original conversations between the characters
  • The soundtrack

The Worst

  • We would have liked to be able to make more drastic decisions in the adventure.

We have made this review thanks to a PC download code provided by Bandai Namco.

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