Analysis of Jump Force: Manganime Heroes Reunion

Manga and anime fans are in luck. Imagine bringing together in the same manga or anime your favorite characters: Goku, Luffy, Naruto.... A fantasy come true only in our heads. At least until now. Paying tribute to the Weekly Shonen JUMP, the publication from which the most popular manga and anime of all times have come out, Bandai Namco gathers the most lethal characters in a fighting videogame. More than 40 protagonists with which we will be able to hit blows without stopping, although if we use the hanshi Spectrum mechanical keyboard our skill will increase. Join us in our jump Force analysis.

The largest hero convention in history

The main strength that we draw from our jump Force analysis is precisely the wide range of characters that we have at our disposal. There are some notable absences, but each and every one of the characters included in this game deserve to be there. Enjoy Japanese voices that will make you vibrate (especially if you listen to them with our Hydra gaming headphones) and let yourself get involved in the story of each of them. The relationships between all the characters will make us smile and the story, despite being a mere excuse to spin the fights, will leave us with some surprises.

We become a member of the JUMP FORCE, a kind of elite squad that fights against evil, after getting involved in a fight between Goku and Freezer. The world as we know it has been invaded by creatures called venoms, which are being controlled by an evil hidden in the shadows and are also imbuing some heroes of the manganime world with evil. Our mission will be to choose between one of the three special commandos of the JUMP FORCE: Alpha (Goku), Beta (Luffy) and Gamma (Naruto). The story is good, but it will not be the central element around which this game revolves.

Frenzied gameplay: blows and more blows

In our jump Force analysis we have had to try to pigeonhole the game into a certain genre. The developer defines it as a fighting action game. It is a fairly accurate term since we will fight again and again to save the world. The scenarios will be of a considerable size to give our character freedom of movement and action. The gameplay will consist mainly of accepting missions from the Jump Force headquarters and from there fight again and again with combos of blows and evolutions of our favorite manganime characters. Normal attacks are intertwined with special attacks (terribly devastating). We recommend you to use the eos gaming mouse (accompanied by the nemesis RGB mouse pad) to have the best control son your actions in the heat of battle.

The video game will have a a certain gambling component the game is a role-playing game in that we will be able to level up our main character as well as assign skills to him. It reminds us in some ways to Monster Hunter (saving the distances) in that we will have a base of operations or city from which to accept missions, and upon reaching the place where the action is, this will be closed and our goal will be to kill the enemy on duty. The controls will be scarce but intuitive: quick hit, hard hit, grab and jump. Fighting will be very easy and its combat system will keep us glued to the screen for hours. If we had to put a but to the video game would be that it can become repetitive. In the end we are forced to accept a mission, fight an enemy and start all over again. After performing this same operation on several occasions we can feel like in the groundhog's day. Our advice is to play short sessions to avoid falling into this situation.

Enjoy the best manganime visuals

The visual aspect becomes another of the positive points of this jump Force analysis. The video game makes use of the Unreal Engine and we can appreciate it thanks to some very well implemented movements that give Jump Force a freneticism that is tailor-made for it. The cinematics are simply beautiful, and will imbue us with nostalgia to all fans of manganime to see so many characters that will remind us of so many moments lived. Realism is very present in the battles, appreciating the damage caused to both the character and his clothes after having a dispute with an enemy.

A multiplayer that could have aspired to more

It could not be missing in our jump Force analysis a brief investigation about the multiplayer mode. It is surprising that this game has not focused on the competitive online mode (a priori it has all the ingredients for it). Three characters take part in the battles and you have to take into account the skills of each of them when playing a game with friends. We can also enjoy a local multiplayer, either against the "machine" or against a friend who comes to play at home. If we play with another person, the problem is that we will not see the two characters on the same screen, but we will play split screen. A solution that has not convinced us, as we would have preferred to have all the characters on screen and enjoy their skills together.

Other elements such as loading screens (which last longer than desired) and that highlight the optimization of Jump Force, tarnish its gameplay and cast of characters. The game can be completed in about 15 hours, but we can continue with this manganime experience thanks to its multiple side missions, multiplayer and the need to level up our avatar to make it the most lethal of all the game, in that player number 41 that surpasses them all. The soundtrack complies, but neither surprises nor will be remembered throughout the history of video games. The texts are in Spanish and the voices are in Japanese.

We hope you have found our jump Force analysis to clear your doubts about your future purchase and we hope that you will spread the word (if it is with the kaliope gaming microphone the better the better) so that everyone can enjoy this ultimate battle of egos.

The best

- Action in abundance

- Simple but addictive battles

- We have game for hours

- The cast of characters...

The Worst

- ... even though so many others are missing

- Optimization of loading screens

- Your online mode

- Repetitiveness in some of its mechanics

- A flat story

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